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Despite the recommendation of an Expert Group to save 10 buildings of historic Poindexter Village, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) has been determined to leave no physical evidence of the housing authority that nurtured so many great African-American contributors to the development of Columbus. Voting unilaterally to tear down all 35 buildings, CMHA has reneged on what community activists believe was a promise to save at least a small portion of buildings that preservationists say are eligible for a place in the National Register of Historic Places. “We see this as a lack of integrity and lack of good faith in CHMA’s own process. It disrespects the former residents, historic preservationists and the black community as a whole,” noted Reita Smith. Smith is a member of the Poindexter Village History Advisory Group (PVHAG) and the Coalition for the Responsible and Sustainable Development on the Near East Side. She is also a member of Ohio’s First Families having documented her family history back to the 1700’s. Smith questions whether it was ever CMHA’s intent to honor the wishes of the community. Because so many significant historic buildings and landmarks have been lost, the federal government requires a lengthy process to determine the best action when federal monies are involved in projects that threaten historic structures. CMHA, through the PACT organization, is moving hastily through the destruction process, in some cases, pre-empting the process itself. “CMHA’s decision is a slap in the face to the black community. We participated in the government process in good faith and were disrespected, now we will put our faith in a spiritual process like our ancestors did,” explained Baba Shongo, PVHAG member, former Poindexter resident and current resident of the African Village, an area encompassing the Near East Side. The group held an interdenominational Drum Circle on October 5th at the Poindexter Village Administration Building; drum Circles have a long history and are represented in most cultures. "We are hoping to change the hearts of those who want to destroy our history,” concluded Shongo. “Drum Circles are equitable because there is no first or last, all ages and abilities can participate, and each participant has a voice,” says Julialynne Walker of Africa and Diaspora Development Linkages, an organization currently sponsoring educational tours of the Bronzeville Near East Side community.