(Compiled from the Testimony of Parents of Vaccine-damaged Children, Reports from Attending Physicians and Documents from the Vaccine Corporations Themselves)

When I went to medical school in the late 1960s, one of my wiser pediatric professors told us students: “always listen to the parents of your pediatric patients, because they will tell you what is wrong with the child”.


That truism proved to be valuable in dealing with patients and their family members throughout my career in family practice, and I still believe in its profound truth. Even when dealing with adult patients, I have found that family members often have valuable observations and know important historical facts about the patient that helped me make a more accurate and timely diagnosis.


I have heard many physicians complain that they are sometimes kept from obtaining a thorough medical history because of time constraints imposed on them by their clinics, which can impair the development of the list of potential diagnoses. Important examples of diagnoses that are frequently not considered are the host of vaccine-induced adverse effects – partly because they are largely un-recognized by many pro-vaccine physicians and nurses and partly because they qualify as being iatrogenic.


Of course, my late 1960s med school experience occurred in a simpler time in medical history when Big Pharma, Big Vaccine, Big Medicine and the variety of other profit-minded corporations or governmental agencies were still in their infancy. Those medical industries weren’t so cutthroat back then. They had not yet started recognizing and exploiting the enormous profit potential to be had in “miracle” drugs and “miracle” vaccines. But the hype was starting. I still have my Eli Lilly reflex hammer and stethoscope to remind my about some of the subtle ways that Big Pharma propagandizes physicians.


The CEOs of 1950s to 1960s-era pharmaceutical companies like Cutter Laboratories, Wyeth, Parke-Davis, Ciba-Geigy, Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Merck, Sharp & Dohme were only making salaries in the range of a hundred thousand dollars a year, rather than the multi-million-dollars per year salaries (plus stock options) that they now command – and they were somehow satisfied with that.


In the context of this column, it is important to be reminded that Cutter Labs was a prominent vaccine company in the mid-1950s. Cutter manufactured and marketed a formaldehyde-inactivated poliovirus vaccine (Salk’s, not Sabin’s), but the formaldehyde inactivation technology failed in many of the mass-produced vaccine batches, and the now-live virus-containing, injectable vaccine actually caused an epidemic of poliomyelitis that infected 40,000 school children with polio. The incident generated so many lawsuits that it destroyed the company. Back in the mid-1950s, it was still lawful to sue vaccine companies for damages when their products killed or sickened the vacinees. (Read about the 1955 “Cutter Incident” at


<<<The Mercury that used to be in RhoGam Caused Fetal Brain Damage>>>


Back when the vaccine industry was still not a money-making enterprise controlled by Big Business, I came across a published study that revealed that pregnant Rh-negative women that were injected with the mercury-containing RhoGam shot had a 25% chance of giving birth to a neurologically-damaged child that developed symptoms that were commonly mis-diagnosed at that time as having symptoms compatible with ADHD. The medical consensus at the time was that the neurotoxic mercury was the obvious root cause of the neurological damage that had occurred to the fetal brain.


Nobody at the time tumbled to the fact that the so-called ADHD that followed RhoGam shots was really a form of vaccine-induced Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism was still on the distant horizon, waiting for the era when physicians were encouraged by the public health agencies and the CDC to over-vaccinate their infants and children with simultaneously-administered cocktails of vaccines that contained mercury, aluminum and sometimes live viruses in addition to other toxic ingredients and occasional contaminants. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?


Back in the 1950s and 60s neighborhood mothers organized measles, mumps and chickenpox parties so that children could get exposed to the neighborhood kids who had come down with those usually mild, non-lethal childhood infectious diseases - and then get that infection over with. When children did get measles, mumps or chickenpox they just stayed home from school for a few days, with the assurance that that lucky child was now immune from that particular infection for the rest of his or her life. (“Booster shots” were never needed if a child acquired one of those infectious diseases naturally.)


<<<Beware the Information Coming out of the CDC, for it is a Wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Pharmaceutical Industry>>>


Most healthcare-givers and journalists get their vaccine information from the Big Pharma co-opted CDC, FDA and AAP, each of which has been justifiably and derisively called “wholly-owned subsidiaries of the pharmaceutical industry”. Therefore, healthcare-givers and journalists are getting tainted information from those sources and therefore are making mistake after mistake when the ignore the fact that there are toxic vaccine ingredients in most vaccines and those toxins are causing a large variety of vaccine-induced disorders.


Likewise, legislators, talk show hosts and talking heads tend to be vaccine-illiterate, and can only be expected to repeat what their conflict-of-interest-corrupted sources tell them concerning the safety and efficacy or even the actual need for the multitude of marketed vaccines. We should all tremble when we realize that the vaccine industry has over 250 new vaccines in their developmental pipelines.


Shouldn’t non-scientist journalists and non-scientist legislators be expected to know the difference between pure, unbiased, scholarly science and the for-profit pseudoscience that is the norm for most for-profit industries? And shouldn’t non-scientist journalist and non-scientist legislators be called out when they are misleading their constituents, whether by design or out of simple ignorance?


<<<Injectable Vaccines can’t Provide Long-lasting or Life-long Immunity Against Infectious Diseases>>>


The truth is that injectable vaccines are not reliably preventive, and here is the reason for that statement: Intramuscularly-injected vaccine ingredients can’t really simulate natural infectious diseases because viruses or bacteria that cause natural infectious diseases always initially infect the mucosal surfaces of the body whereas vaccine injections bypass the mucosa. Thus, the vitally important “mucosal immunity” doesn’t happen with vaccinations and therefore there is not complete protection against future so-called “vaccine-preventable” infectious diseases.


In other words, injectable vaccines are totally inadequate in producing mucosal immunity - the first line of defense against communicable infectious diseases. Full immunity is only possible when a sufficient number of microorganisms first infects the nasal, oral, pharyngeal, respiratory or intestinal mucosa and then enters the bloodstream and is exposed to the complex immune system- which attempts to produce the antibodies that can – at least partially - protect the body against future infectious agents.


This second component of the immune system is called hormonal (or serological) immunity and, when over-stimulated by vaccines and a process called molecular mimicry, the system can also create serious autoimmune disorders. In addition, the autoimmunity, the ingredients in many vaccines can cause any number of other disorders. (See the list of some of them below.)


Thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative that was commonly used in many vaccines that started the autism epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s was a common preservative in vaccines that needs no explanation as to why it destroys brain tissue.


<<<The Aluminum Adjuvant/Autoimmune Disorder Connection>>>


But many vaccines also contained a known neurotoxic metal called aluminum. Aluminum nanoparticles, when adherent to protein molecules, have long been known to reliably hyper-stimulate antibody production when the complexes are exposed to immune cells in the body.


However, in some cases, the aluminum in the vaccine actually adhered to the body’s own proteins (“molecular mimicry”) and cause the formation of antibodies against the body’s own proteins, hence causing a complex set of disorders that is now known as the ASIA Syndrome (Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants. Some of these autoimmune disorders are in the list below.


It is important to recognize that in un-vaccinated populations, childhood autoimmune disorders are essentially non-existent (including autoimmune disorders like juvenile type I diabetes and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; also rare are autistic spectrum disorders and asthma). Two examples of such un-vaccinated populations are certain Amish communities and the Home First Clinic in Chicago, neither one of which encourages the vaccination of their pediatric patients.


It is the fully-vaccinated populations that appear to be riddled with autoimmune disorders, autistic spectrum disorders and chronic childhood diseases, the incidences of all three of which appear to be increasing rapidly among the fully-vaccinated. A recent study reported that up to 42% of American children have some type of chronic health disorder. In my hometown back in the 1950s there was only one child that had a chronic health disorder and his was from a birth injury.


<<<Listening Carefully to the Parents of Vaccine-injured Children for a Change>>>


I have heard and read the oral and written testimonies of hundreds of anguished parents who have tearfully (and often angrily) told their stories about their SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) child, their near-SIDS child, their autistic child, their Asperger’s child or their neurologically-damaged and disabled child that was abruptly changed from a perfectly healthy, smiley baby into an acutely-ill and then chronically ill child that often wound up being permanently-disabled.


The common denominator in all these case studies was the inoculations of cocktails of vaccines (of up to 9 different neurotoxin-containing vaccines in three different body sites at the same office visit!). What could possibly go wrong with that kind of assault?


All vaccines contain various neurotoxic ingredients (including mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, live viruses, etc, FOR WHICH THERE ARE NO KNOWN SAFE DOSES WHEN INJECTED INTO MUSCLE TISSUE!


It is true. The many different combinations of FDA-approved infant vaccines have never actually been safety-tested – even in guinea pig labs; and the CDC, the State Departments of Health, the WHO, the AAP, the AMA, the AAFP, etc continue to recommend these cocktails for routine use in children! And these cocktails are often given without fully informing the parent about the risks of these procedures before getting their consent. What could possibly go wrong with that picture?


So many of us in the pure science-based and scholarly Anti-Over-Vaccination community cannot help but be suspicious of the motives of the Big Businesses that are involved in the CDC’s vaccine agenda.


And, given what my medical school professors told me about “believing what the parents tell you about what they think caused their child to become ill”, I cringe when I am told that parents that do that when vaccines have sickened their child, they are not just not listened to, they are commonly fired from their clinics as well!


<<<Big Pharma’s Propaganda Meme of “Vaccine Hesitancy”>>>


Anybody recognizing the truths in the above documentable information should not have to wonder why there is such a thing as “vaccine-hesitancy” among knowledgeable parents who want and also deserve to have the chance to withhold their consent to fully vaccinate their child if they feel that the risks involved in precisely following the CDC vaccination schedule for their particular child outweighs the benefits.


Many understandably hesitant parents would logically prefer to modify the CDC’s recommendations by delaying or not allowing so many vaccines to be given at a single setting or space out the vaccinations over a extended time period.


All the Pro-Over-Vaccination propaganda is coming from corporate entities that are enriching themselves by promoting such agendas. Those CDC and AAP agendas are putting at risk the health and lives of America’s innately immuno-compromised infants and children all because of a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying from measles, a scenario in which 9,999 children will be exposed to unnecessary health-threatening, even life-threatening, potentially toxic vaccines for nothing – except to theoretically save one life. Nobody really knows just how many lives will be sacrificed just from being over-vaccinated?


Sadly, parents have never been given the essential information about the potential neurological problems, the chronic autoimmune disorders, the behavioral disorders or the learning disabilities that are commonly associated with America’s over-vaccination schedules that they deserve to know about.


Adverse vaccine reactions can be life-threatening, health-threatening, require chronic medical management and even last a lifetime. Those realities should totally change the discussion about the pros and cons of following the CDC’s vaccine agenda for any concerned parent, especially if they were also fully informed about the relatively rarity and lack of seriousness of most of the supposedly “vaccine-preventable” infectious diseases. Parents choosing not to expose their children to the possibility of developing serious vaccine-induced illnesses should not be denigrated.


It should be mentioned that many of victims of the vaccine-related disorders listed below have had their cases tried before a federal vaccine court. Many judgements have been made in favor of the vaccine-injured patient, thus legally refuting Big Pharma’s oft-repeated false claim that vaccines are 100% safe. These damaged patients are mostly children, and the hundreds of cases have been awarded a total of $4,000,000,000 (4 billion dollars) in financial compensation over the past 2 decades. Read the story of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) at:


It is also important to emphasize that many of the vaccine-induced disorders in the list below are also mentioned in the product insert forms that vaccine corporations such as Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi-Pasteur and Aventis are mandated by the FDA to include with each vaccine vial. Clinics have no real reason to claim ignorance about the facts presented in this article, because they have been written down for them by the very vaccine industry that hopes the information is over-looked.


So even Big Pharma is acknowledging that there are significant health risks in America’s over-vaccination programs; vaccines. And yet, the “conventional wisdom” - heavily promoted by Big Pharma, the CDC and the AAP -  is that 100% of vaccines are 100% safe, 100% effective and 100% necessary.


What could possibly go wrong with that over-optimistic deviation from reality?



Below is a list of Vaccine Side Effects (that may Represent Early Signs of Serious Vaccine Toxicity and Therefore a Contraindication to Further Vaccinations)


This list was put together by a consortium of scholars, scientists, investigative journalists, parents of vaccine-damaged children, medical doctors, nurses, biomedical researchers, immunologists and holistic health providers - most of whom are associated with the Alliance for Vaccine Awareness and theUS Health Consortium.


A trip or phone call to a doctor or the hospital Emergency Room


Fever above 102, Lasting over 12 hours or ccompanied by other symptoms/signs such as Atypical Fussiness,Arching back with screaming; Rigid body;  crying or screaming that occurs in the days and weeks post vaccination.

Seizures: New or an increased number of seizures in a child who already had seizures

Diarrhea:New, foul smelling stools within hours to one week after vaccination, especially if accompanied by discomfort, screaming, vomiting or nausea

Death: Vaccine-induced SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Near SIDS, or SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome)

Brain Damage: Repetitive Behaviors; Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome (diagnosis is always delayed by months or years)

Increased Frequency of Infectious Diseasesafter vaccinations, especially ear infections

Allergiesnew after vaccinations

Eczema: Red, scaly or itchy patches on skin______

RashAny noticeable new red spots on skin within 2 months of vaccination, any worsening  or an increase in size or number of current skin spots

Asthma: New or worsening

Seasonal allergies(pollen)

Environmental Allergy(animal dander, dust, mold); Insect allergy (cockroaches, bees); Hives; Allergic Sinusitis; Dark circles under eyes

Latex Allergy(balloons, gloves, condoms)

Food Allergies: Peanut; Tree Nut; Egg, Gelatin; Casein (milk protein); Beef, Chicken; Pork; Yeast; Soy; MSG

Antibiotic Allergies: Neomycin; Polymixin;Gentamicin; Streptomycin

Musculoskeletal Symptoms; Fibromyalgia; 

Macrophagic Myofasciitis (MMF):(hard tender long-lasting lump at site of injection); Diminished movement of extremity in which vaccination occurred

New Neurological signs or symptoms: Paralysis;Deterioration; Weakness in the arms/legs;Numbness or tingling; Pain and discomfort;Bedwetting beyond 5 years of age; Soiling self with lack of stool control

Oversensitivity: Doesn’t like the feel of tags on clothing; Is overstimulated by the outside world; may prefer a noise cancelling headset; Puts hands over ears; Isolates self

Vision changes: Depth perception; Tunnel vision (including walking into things that should be clearly in the visual field; Watching/looking at things sideways or upside down; Change in vision; Strabismus (lazy eye); Eye movement disorder; Decreased vision, including blindness

Hearing loss: Damage to hearing; Deafness

Language issues: Speech and language delay; Lack of comprehension; Cannot express self; Stuttering

Body movements: Tics; Repetitive hand movements; Eye tics; Head-banging; Head tics; Rocking; Repetitive feet and/or leg movements; Mouth or tongue movements

Foul language,new onset

Hair-pulling or Hair-twisting (trichotillomania)

Body Balance impairment: Cannot keep balance standing on one leg – new symptom; New clumsiness

Cognitive and Behavioral changes: Learning disability; New ADHD-like symptoms; Lessened awareness; Loss of eye contact; Showing signs of being withdrawn; Change in sleep patterns; Change in ability to focus; New repetitive behavior; New sensory processing issues; Intolerant of texture of food or clothing; Intolerant of touch; Intolerant of sound; Picky eating or lack of appetite; Anxiety; OCD; Irritability; Tantrums or rage or oppositional behavior; Withdrawal or uncommunicative; Depression

Verbal regression: Sentence pattern diminished; Language ability changes; Repetition of sounds; Lack of comprehension of chores, parental and teacher direction changes

Developmental Milestones Not Met: Including pointing (by age 1), following another's point (by age 1), other manifestations of shared/joint attention, responding to name (by age 1 or earlier).

Developmental Milestones lost.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

“Gardasil Girls” who developed symptoms after one of the Three CDC-recommended HBV Vaccinations: Vaginal or rectal bleeding; Amenorrhea; Infertility; Reproductive organ cancer (usually diagnosed within a few years after the Gardasil shots: New Lower Abdominal Pain; Loss of consciousness/fainting after vaccination; New medical diagnosis made post-vaccination; New autoimmune disorder (which have occurred many years after vaccination);


Autoimmune Disorders (Vaccine-Induced)

(The list below only names 20 out of the over 80 autoimmune disorders)

1 Alopecia areata(patchy baldness)

2 Autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s; Graves)

3 ASIA Syndrome (Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants [“adjuvants” = nanoparticles of aluminum added to many vaccine in order to hyper-stimulate the production of antibodies to the intended antigen – usually viruses or viral particles])

4 Celiac Disease

5 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

6 Crohn’s disease

7 Guillain-Barre Syndrome

8 Type 1 diabetes mellitus (Juvenile/insulin-dependent)

9 Chronic Lyme disease

10 Lupus

11 Multiple Sclerosis


13 Psoriasis

14 Raynaud’s

15 Rheumatic Fever

16 Rheumatoid Arthritis

17 Scleroderma

18 Sjogren’s Syndrome

19 Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)

20 Vitiligo