Where Dick Cheney clearly just infuriates because he is the sort of vicious spit-worthy heart defective (in all ways) citizen who should no more be in public office than Jeffrey Dahlmer, they trot out Condolessa to sound academic in her defense of why Saddam Hussein was all along a "threat" and how we are rewriting history to insist on them not fabricating evidence to hype the menace. She Gets an "F."

No - Saddam was not shown to have had WMDs, he had no mobile long range ballistic missiles that could hit us in the US hidden on trucks, he had no navy really to write home about, he had no nuclear fissile material or yellow cake or anything that looked like a nuclear program-not even for civilian use above the usual- and no, he had nothing directly to do with 9-11. But they tried to make us believe otherwise.

Here is what Condi has again said on recent post-Thanksgiving news rounds listed as the reasons Saddam was nevertheless "a threat": 1. He used chemical weapons on his own people sometime between the 1980s and 1990s- 2. he was shooting our planes in the no fly zone established after the '91 war we had with him driving him from Kuwait -3. he previously attempted to annex back Kuwait which prior to 1950 was all part of Iraq anyway -4. he had "torture chambers" and killed several hundred thousand people in Mass graves.

This is bad stuff indeed. However, they knew this alone wouldn't sell an invasion by the American people much less an occupation, so they just made stuff up. Really bad stuff. Hide under your desks kids! Go buy duck tape and make a "safe room"- yellow alert! orange alert! red alert! stock up your car trunk with a year's worth of tuna fish and saltines! It was cold war hysteria whipped up and Tom Ridge is the first to tell you it was calculated fear-mongering.

And now they want to accuse us of "rewriting history?"  What country were they living in in 2003? Do they hear themselves talk? Maybe they should play back their own tapes the way the Lord will if they ever get to meet him.

To whom exactly was Saddam  a threat? The Iraqis? Us as we flew over his land?

By contrast now, we -the United States- operating in bondage to the cabal that stole the election to take over the White House- have killed-murdered- several hundred thousand Iraqis ourselves and over 2,000 of us in the process, taken innocents and tortured them-taken them to detention centers in dog cages to torture them, we have fire bombed to smitherines many cities, taken out the leader, invaded an entire country, desecrated holy sites and symbols, slaughtered, burned, bombed, and near napalmed entire villages and cities to dust. Burned off the faces of children.  Because we are the good guys....and Saddam was a "threat." 


These people couldn't be more morally blind to their moral transgressions if they were hit with a nuclear bomb in their faces. These people are the sickest, most perverse, most evil, most sickening group of people to ever hold power the nation's capital. No- they are not diplomats, they are diplomatic failures. They are the worst most toxic combination of saddistic texas bully bravado, insecure short man and woman napoleanic imperialistic meglomaniacle syndrome, war profiteering egged on by the industries frothing at the mouth for the 200 billion raided from our Treasure to support this insane totally unjustified war.

No Congressperson should give these people a penny more to run their sick OIL war. Just stop the appropriations. Just End it. Bring the troops home for Christmas.

Stop the sickening charade. Get these people out of Washington. Refer them to some International War Crimes tribunal or something. Anything. Impeach them, Indict them, just Get these people out of here.