I just wanted to congratulate you guys on being the most illegitimate organization I can remember encountering. You must be so proud that the amount of people who give credence to the crap that you put out can be counted on one hand. Kudos!

Good luck pushing your liberal socialist agenda on Americans who have absolutely no interest in listening to what you have to say. How appropriate it is that an organization that calls itself "Free Press" is supporting a call for censorship on talk radio, cable and the internet. Do you really think that by doing that people might actually come to you to listen to your ridiculous propaganda?

In truth, I actually pity the fact that when your time comes to move on to a better place your greatest achievement may be the fact that you worked for this pitiful excuse for a media organization. But hey, best of luck either way. Maybe, if you're lucky, your servers will crash so that you can quietly crawl away and not be heard from again, and you can just blame it on bad technology.