For our meeting #89 we announce the GREEN-GREEP (Gree-Gree)…the Greening of the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition to conjoin the battle for grassroots democracy with renewables and saving our planet from King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas).

We’re first joined by BISI WILLIAMS, BRUCE MAU & AMARIS GALEA-ORBE,  who introduce us to the Massive Change Network.

We then enter the deep mists of the nationwide Gerrymandering fiasco, starting with Ohio’s Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor.  A veritable Profile in Courage, O’Connor has single-handed blocked four versions of an outrageous attempt by Buckeye Republicans to yet again hijack the state’s Congressional and State House districts.  Now (of course) her fellow Republicans want to impeach her.

The Ohio war is being duplicated in New York, North Carolina, Alabama, Texas, Nevada and everywhere else one of the major parties thinks it can steal a few Congressional/Legislative seats.

As explained by Constitutional lawyer JOEL SEGAL, the legal miasma has taken a quantum leap with Federal Judge Mark E. Walker, who has ruled that Florida’s new election laws are racist, and demand the “pre-clearance” mandated by the Civil and Voting Rights Acts of the 1960s.    His ruling’s journey to the US Supreme Court will denote one of the nation’s most critical legal journeys.

With DENNIS BERNSTEIN, TATANKA BRICCA, WENDI LEDERMAN, JUSTIN LEBLANC and many more, we finally visit the apocalyptic battle to save renewable energy from King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas).  The attempt to crush rooftop solar is the cutting edge of a fossil/nuclear holding action capable of destroying the future of human life on Earth.  Join us to combine our commitments to democracy in both energy and elections.