We want everyone that is able to come down to the capital of our great state of Ohio to show unity in our efforts to eliminate corporate influence in our government. Bring copies of the original Occupy Wall Street grievances to pass, a sign, snacks, blankets, dedication, etc. to help contribute to our cause. No contribution is too small.

Please come down whenever you can to show support. This movement takes boots on the ground, not fingers on keyboards. If you come down and only see a few people, don't be discouraged -- every person who takes time out of their day, even if it's an hour, gives credibility to our cause. If you feel misrepresented, disenfranchised, or sold out by our government -- the government of the people -- then please give your time to the occupation.


Occupy Columbus Occupy Columbus 10/10/11 Columbus Day at the Statehouse

Photos from Oct. 10 event

Oct 10 event