House Representative Congressman John Conyers on the Judicial Committee is asking you to, through his legislative assistant Alexia, fax or email if you want Bush impeached.

Fax to

ATTN. : ALEXIA, assistant to Hon. Congressman John Conyers


Message from Alexia:

The phones are currently ringing off the hook, so please send a brief message stating whether you are for or against impeachment via email or fax: e mail: OR Fax: (313) 226-2085

A letter:

Dear Congressman Conyers:

President Bush seized power in an illegal coup d'etat. His thugs disenfranchised Slave descendants in a former Reconstruction state, mocking the 14th Amendment, then interpreted by the runaway Republican Supreme Court as elevating absentee voting privileges of snowbirds above the cemeteries at Gettysburg and Arlington. Such a disgrace could never have occured had not the officer Constitutionally charged with enforcing an honest vote count, Senate President Gore, acquiesced. Evidently he and his Senate Democratic colleagues, not one of whom would challenge Florida's tainted vote, lacked the backbone to face just such cries of illegitimacy as Bush has brushed aside. September 11, 2001, made shockingly and awesomely evident the world cannot afford an American President who is a coward and a weasel.

In 1998, when President Clinton tried to rally America against the Jihad, Republican politicians drowned him out with cries of, 'Wag the dog!' and 'Impeach!' In America's history, it has never declared war on any communist country, including Vietnam, including Korea. However, my close following of the 1990 Senate vote says that a technical state of war does exist between the U.S. and Iraq. So, to launch a politically-based impeachment campaign against a president, even an illegitimate one, in wartime, could be considered treason, if calling the commander-in-chief a criminal gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

In peacetime, if his party has just won an overwhelming bi-election, it is merely a waste of all of our time. Instead, why not call upon ex-President Carter to demand a new, fair and free presidential election in the USA? Mistakes were made.

Maybe then my disgusted 21 year-old will want to vote again.

Steven E. Conliff
Columbus, Ohio