Tim and Roberta Kettler voted at approximately 10:15 am, November 7 in the Monroe Twp. precinct in Coshocton County. Two Diebold machines were available for use. We experienced difficulty in recording the votes we cast and the machines required several touches of the screen in order to record a screen response. Also the printed audit tape was not entirely visible on the bottom of the final page and could not be advanced in order to view the final choice on the tape. However I was able to view the choice by lifting the access door to the tape which was left unsecured (unlocked) One of the poll workers stated that she had the same problem when she voted herself. The poll workers said the they had been having trouble with the machines all morning and that the service technician had been there all morning "recalibrating" the two machines. Both machines had unsecured paper audit tape access doors.

Tim Kettler