With the passage of Ohio HB 3 it is incumbent upon the Secretary of State to guarantee equal protection to all Ohio voters and all qualified Ohioans seeking to participate in our electoral process.

When elected I will act in accordance with the intent of the new voter identification requirements and  immediately establish and issue the Ohio Voter Identification Card to all eligible Ohio residents.  I will also use the budget and manpower of the office to conduct aggressive, continuing statewide voter registration efforts to insure that those most likely to be disenfranchised by these new provisions are in fact included in Ohio’s election process.

Special emphasis will be directed towards registering and issuing cards to the elderly, the infirm, residents of poor urban neighborhoods, citizens in impoverished and isolated rural areas, students, the homeless, and temporary residents of support shelters including special needs situations.

In the interests of guaranteeing the voting rights of those participants I will initiate procurement of video and audio equipment to document their registration and validate their efforts.

It is the responsibility of the Secretary of State to fully fund and administer an election system that is inclusive, representative and transparent. The measures I have outlined here must be provided by this office at no cost to the individual registrant.