COLUMBUS -- The only thing Ohioans can expect to resolve on the Ohio Senate floor Tuesday, is that a majority of Ohio legislators are likely to choose political one-upmanship over an opportunity to send a message about the true toll of the war to Ohioans.

President Bush's move to escalate the war in Iraq is destined to increase the number of casualties and the cost to taxpayers, Brian Rothenberg, executive director of, said Tuesday. "Ohio's Senate is fiddling around while Baghdad is burning."

The Ohio Senate is preparing to debate a resolution that praises President Bush and Rothenberg said, it is time for Ohio to examine the potential costs of the war and the deception used to launch it. "No price would have been too high if our nation faced an imminent threat from an Iraq armed with weapons of mass destruction. We now know there were no weapons of mass destruction, and we are paying a hidden cost back home that our Ohio Senate leaders seem oblivious to acknowledge.''

Rothenberg's comments come as the Ohio Senate is poised to debate Senate Concurrent Resolution 1. The purpose of the resolution is to "express support for the President of the United States and the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees in assisting displaced Iraqi people and their families escape the threat of violence of the Iraq War and to begin a new life.'' The measure is aimed at politically embarrassing Ohio's Governor who withdrew remarks about the issue last month.

"To call for support of the President, but not acknowledge his role in causing the refugee population or death toll to balloon, is absurd,'' Rothenberg said. "This is a politically motivated measure intended to prop up a failing President and score political points by embarrassing an opponent who has already apologized.'' provided statistics showing that the war will cost Ohio taxpayers $13.3 billion. Of the 3,024 U.S. soldiers and Marines who have been killed, 130 are from Ohio.

Prepared by the National Priorities Project. Inc., (Click to see Ohio Cost Of War Statistics) the study also shows the number of children who could have been given health care and the amount of schools and houses that could have been built with money spent on the war. "If Ohio legislators want to discuss Iraq, perhaps they should start with the tight budget they are facing due to the true cost of this conflict, instead of political games."

The text of SCR 1 can be found at and clicking on the "Find Resolutions by Number'' link.

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