I couldn’t resist putting together this little group of photos from two fascist-leaning nations from different eras that exhibited similar political leanings.

No comment should be necessary, but it needs to be understood that proto-fascist cults have a disdain for liberal education and their cult-leaders (who are amoral, paranoid, narcissistic, megalomaniacal wannabe dictators) readily use violence and terror to take and maintain power. In addition, fascist movements always try to silence their opponents and enemies and therefore make use of censorship in their attempts to take power. (GGK)

The History of Banning and Buning Books P.6.ppt

       Infamous Nazis book burnings in 1933... -


 July 2013

    Erich Kästner in the Looniverse

Right-wing Germans preparing for the book-burning of 5/10/33        Crowd of flag-waving German fascists at the book-burning of May 10, 1933


 Censorship and Banned Books Week ...

Berlin Germany Reichstag Bonfire (1933)            

Violent Pro-Trump Rioters Storm US Capitol - One News Page ...

           Tear Gas Smoke in Front of the Washington, DC Capitol (1-6-2021)


    "This ...

Trump rioters piling up trashed video-journalist equipment (1-6-2021)

    Rioters Destroy Media Equipment as Pro-Trump Protesters ...

Trump rioters attempting to set the video equipment on fire (1-6-2021)