This author became a firm, unwavering supporter of Robert F Kennedy Jr.'s run for President of the United States of America after I learned he understands and opposes NATO's war against Russia, via Ukraine. The last President who advocated for peace was his Uncle, John F Kennedy, who's American University peace speech in June of 1963 likely resulted in his assassination at the hands of the National Security State. Although Jimmy Carter started no wars, he was not openly antiwar. Independent candidates, Jill Stein for example, have been antiwar but the system is stacked against independent candidates. Since my first vote for President, I have never had the opportunity to vote for a candidate who opposed war and had a chance to win.

As he explains his views on this latest proxy war, it is clear that he opposes the expansion of the American Empire, which is a continuation of his family legacy. It should be obvious by now that the United States walked away from negotiations with Russia prior to the invasion of Ukraine, that Russia's main objective was to keep Ukraine out of NATO, and that the United States under Joe Biden has no interest in negotiating a settlement. For Russia, the importance of keeping Ukraine out of NATO is that NATO membership would allow the American Empire to build military bases on the border of Russia. This Russia found to be intolerable, just as if Russia were to build a military base in Mexico. Thus results another Empire lead proxy war. According to Reuters, 354,000 people have died in the conflict as of April 2023, including 9000 civilians. The always pro-war New York Times leads the mainstream media in support of the war. Antiwar voices are few and far between. However, the MSM does report on weapons decisions with respect to this conflict, so that it is clear that Ukraine could not continue this conflict without a constant influx of weapons from United States weapons manufacturers like Lockheed Martin Corp., Raytheon, Boeing and Northrop Grumman Corp.

RFK Jr's twitter says “They only pretend to think it was unprovoked. They are lying to us, manufacturing consent for war. The administration has dragged us into a proxy war on false pretenses. The blood of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians is on their hands, not to mention over $100 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars.”

Here is a short podcast conversation with Jeffrey Sachs on the Biden foreign policy.

Kennedy's leading argument for his candidacy is this. “A democratic government is supposed to be of, by, and for the people. But government institutions have betrayed our trust. The intelligence agencies spy on our own people. Government and tech platforms conspire to surveil and censor the public. Regulatory agencies have been captured by those they are supposed to regulate: Wall Street controls the SEC. Polluters and extractive industries dominate the EPA and BLM. Pharma controls the CDC, NIH, and FDA. Big Ag controls the USDA. Big Tech has captured the FTC. No wonder trust in government is at all-time lows. It’s time to earn it back.”

I can add nothing to that statement.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. visited the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona for a first-hand look at where thousands of migrants have been crossing every week. Kennedy spoke to NewsNation's Ali Bradley and said the border was like a "dystopian nightmare" with desperate people from all over the world flooding the border wall.

There is much more to RFK Jr's candidacy, including his views on civil liberties, political reconciliation, honest government, the environment, gun violence and more which can be easily found at youtube and on his campaign website. Follow RFK Jr. on twitter.

This author does not agree with RFK Jr. on every issue. He is much maligned, unfairly in my opinion, as a result of his advocacy for vaccine safety and the need to study long term effects. Recently, he is maligned for his comment when asked about gun violence. His response was that we also need to understand the effect of pharmaceuticals in creating this violence. (As a Pharmacist, this author also believes we need to understand the roll of SSRI and ADD drugs, especially the effect on people trying to stop taking these medications.)

In the face of massive headwinds existing describing RFK Jr as an anti-vaxer (he is not), a conspiracy theorist, and more, one thing remains true. Robert Kennedy Jr. is a man of great courage. When asked about controversial topics, his responses are well thought out and he has an excellent grasp of facts. He rarely “pivots” when asked a difficult question. His answers do not fall into a neat category of the expected liberal (or conservative) response. His candidacy can expect severe retaliation from the Military Industrial Complex, the Pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street to name a few. It is up to the American public to see through the veil of Empire and imagine a way of life where American citizens can live prosperous and meaningful lives, and where our resources are not wasted on continuing wars for Empire and regime change.