Investigators from the Ohio animal rights organization Mercy For Animals (MFA) have released the findings of a month-long investigation into animal mistreatment at Buckeye Egg Farm and Daylay Egg Farm, Ohio’s two largest egg producers.

MFA’s investigation at Buckeye’s facility in La Rue and Daylay’s facility in Raymond began after the organization’s requests for tours of the facilities were ignored. Both Buckeye Egg Farm and Daylay Egg Farm confine millions of hens in tiny "battery cages" (long rows of wire cages holding an average of eight birds per cage).

At both facilities investigated, MFA discovered severe
overcrowding and confinement, hens trapped in the wire of their cages, and dead birds left to slowly rot next to their cage mates. At Daylay, a live hen was found thrown in a dumpster filled with trash and hundreds of dead birds.

The investigation uncovered countless
sick and injured hens suffering from raging eye and sinus infections, mechanical feather damage,
pasteurellae, paralysis, vitamin deficiency, vent peritonitis, hernias, wing hematomas, and blindness.

Professor of Poultry Ethology at the University of Guelph, Ian J.H. Duncan, viewed footage taken at both Buckeye and Daylay and stated: "(T)his videotape depicts some of the worst cruelty that I have ever witnessed." Veterinarian Eric Dunayer, VMD, stated: "(T)he videotape shows hens subjected to extremely inhumane conditions that inflict severe deprivation and injury. I have no doubt that these hens suffer terribly under such conditions."

During repeated nighttime visits documenting abuses at the facilities, investigators provided aid to sick and injured hens. MFA
rescued 34 hens in dire need of veterinary care.  All of the surviving hens are now living at a farm sanctuary. They are recovering miraculously. Their scars are healing and their white feathers are returning. The girls will be able to live out the rest of their lives in a natural environment where they are able to walk around freely, dust bathe, perch, and socialize with their new friends. They are the few lucky ones, free of the torture and suffering of battery cages.

The cruel conditions uncovered at Buckeye Egg Farm and Daylay Egg Farm are not isolated incidents. Sadly, similar abuses run rampant on factory farms across the country. The abuses stem from a system in which living, feeling animals are regarded as mere property, commodities to be exploited for every last penny.  The most important thing you can do to end animal suffering is to stop eating eggs and other animal products. Please, for the animals,
go vegan!

The details of the investigation and rescue can be found on the newly launched MFA web site,   Mercy For Animals has produced a 25 minute video expose on the investigation and rescue.  Order information is at