I was just told by an officer to get my bike out of a barricaded area. Time will tell whether I am mistaken, but it seems that the police have been allowing the Free Tibet protest to carry on for a period of time but perhaps now are thinking that time for that is up or maybe they are just annoyed by the repetitious chanting. Some of the onlookers seem to be having a good time. . My guess is that for some people this spectacle, along with the days off work, have been a break in routine. Some Pittsburghers may also like the fact that their city will be the focus of international attention.

Yesterday, at a meeting in the Hill District here in Pittsburgh, there were reporters there from France, Germany as well as reporters from NBC and a photographer who said he was working with a writer from Penthouse Magazine. So some people may be excited about the international attention their city is getting and some also may like the thrill of something 'crazy' happening. A guy standing nearby just said "catch a Pirates game and watch a protest. That's a good day."