The American mainstream media appears to have removed it's head from the sand. Joe Scarborough, Joy Reid and Tucker Carlson have arisen from the flames, as well as other breakthroughs described below.

The majority of Americans do not now, nor have ever believed the Warren Commission conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was a loner who, completely unaffiliated, shot John F Kennedy and changed the course of history. Kennedy wanted peace and so refused to fight the war in Vietnam. He intended on ending the cold war through peaceful means (American University Speech). The leaders of Americas National Security State, such as Allen Dulles, General Curtis LeMay, General Lyman Lemnitzer, J. Edgar Hoover, President Lyndon Johnson and a long list of others, believed that America should be an Empire based not on democratic ideals surrounding freedom and self determination, but rather on weapons of war. John F Kennedy had a completely different vision of the way forward as described so well in Monica Wiesak's recent book, America's Last President.

The American populace at the time, like my parents, trusted their government. Their government had not yet assassinated other America liberal leaders like MLK, RFK, and Malcolm X. Fred Hampton had not been murdered in his bed by law enforcement. Neither Watergate nor Iran Contra had happened. Although the CIA had assassinated leaders throughout Central, South America, the Caribbean, and elsewhere, few Americans were aware of those facts.

The Warren Commission labeled Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone nut. In 1991, Oliver Stone released his groundbreaking movie JFK. The American people were so interested that Congress responded by passing the  JFK Record Collection Act, resulting in creation of the Assassination Records Review Board. Although several books had been written prior to that (Harold Weisberg, Sylvia Meagher, Mae Brussel, Mark Lane, David Lifton, Vincent Salandria and many others) those authors did not have the treasure trove of millions of documents that are now available.

Serious American scholars not beholden to establishment Universities or Media investigated and continue to investigate. There are hundreds of threads to follow, but for the moment we will focus on the fact that these documents have proven beyond any doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for, or with, the CIA. He was a spy. What if the entire American population woke up on the day after Kennedy's assassination to the news that Oswald was a CIA agent? The men that fought WWII would not have believed that the assassination was anything other than what it was, a coup.

The answer is obvious. No one anywhere would possibly believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission had they known Oswald worked for the CIA. However, that information was hidden, obfuscated, dismissed. The CIA created the term Conspiracy Theorist to dismiss its critics. The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, NBC. ABC, CBS, and all mainstream media, in unison, participated in continuing this fairy tale.

It appears that the damn has broken. The remaining documents were to be released by former President Trump, but he caved to pressure from the CIA. Joe Biden, in an expert slight of hand, released millions of pages with little of value, while retaining 30% of the documents, including the key documents that the Research Community is suing the government to obtain, particularly those of John Johanides and William Harvey's travel records.

The lawsuit for records is “The Mary Ferrell Foundation Inc, Josiah Thompson and Gary Aguilar vs Joseph Biden in his official capacity at POTUS and the National Archives and Records Administration”. The 42 page lawsuit identifies 5 ways in which the government has failed to implement the 1992 JFK Records Act, including “continued withholding”, deficiencies, missing records, unjustified reactions, and records not included but should be.

The mainstream media in America, long serving as the point of the spear for the official story, has woken up. After Stone's movie in 1991, they have maintained a “head in the sand approach” for 30 years. Joe Scarborough scoffed at the idea that there is a national security reason for this, saying "They Released All the Records We Needed to See--Except the Records We Needed to See".

Tucker Carlson has a monumental television audience of over 3 million, and although I am loathe to quote him, it should be noted that he had nothing to say when Trump failed to release the documents. This time, he had much to say. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., nephew of the slain President and son of his murdered brother praised Carlson’s show as “the most courageous newscast in 60 years,” and his remarks have been Retweeted more than 22,000 times.

Critics of the official version have found it near impossible to get an audience from mainstream media. One journalist, Jefferson Morley, managed to keep his career writing for the Boston Globe while also writing about specific limited questions arising from the records being released. Morley has joined with other serious people to sue for the documents, and he still has his job. Joy Reid interviewed Morley on her MSNBC show, the The Reid Out. Joe Rogan covered the issue as well, in his usual disjointed way which people must enjoy.  Glen Greenwald assailed the CIA for continuing to withhold a mere 4000 records.

And there is more.

This past summer, Oliver Stone's documentary with Jim DiEugenio, author of Destiny Betrayed and other books and work, released JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass and was aired on Showtime. The audience in America was encouraging. In Australia, the long version played once a week for four consecutive weeks. In the UK, Sky TV broadcast the long version. “Through the Looking Glass was shown in 15 countries.

My view is that the evidence and conclusions of “Through the Looking Glass” are definitive. Although any normal person would still have questions, none could still conclude that Oswald acted alone. And that leads to one obvious conclusion.

This author is well aware that there are many (a minority, but still...) who cling to the Oswald did it belief while at the same time being willingly uninformed. My perspective is that some people really need the government to come clean to change their beliefs. This was brought home in a conversation with a friend who agreed that the government (via FBI) killed or assisted in killing Malcolm X, only because our government had finally admitted this fact. But that person was still unwilling to even consider the obvious facts about Kennedy's murder. Nor was discussion encouraged. I had seldom experienced the unwillingness to discuss the subject in 30 years of study. Will Scarborough, Reid, Carlson and others open the door for thoughtful inquiry?

The AARB released approximately 5 million pages of documents. Subsequent releases increase the number to nearly 9 million. There are several books that cover Oswald's life in minute detail as a result of the released documents, including “Oswald and the CIA by John Newman, and “Harvey and Lee” by John Armstrong. There are books analyzing the ballistics, the acoustics, and all the questions about every piece of the physical evidence, including the autopsy, the rifle and ballistics, the witnesses on the steps, and so much more. This of course includes the Magic Bullet theory, a joke of an idea that has not withstood the test of time.

The most important books written in the wake of the AARB releases are those that revealed the deeply held beliefs of the Cold Warriors at the time. General Curtis LeMay was not alone in advocating for a nuclear first strike against the Soviets. Kennedy, betrayed by the CIA at the Bay of Pigs and by his own military during the Cuban Missile Crisis, was as done with the cold warriors as they were with him. Their solution was a public execution. “JFK and the Unspeakable” by James Douglas, and “The Devil's Chessboard” by David Talbot are invaluable in this regard.

Thank you to the armies of researchers who have kept this alive despite the resistance, but a special thank you to those in the media who have finally crossed the Rubicon. John Barbour sacrificed a very lucrative career in Hollywood because he tried to address this issue, his docu-movie “The American Media and the 2nd assassination of President John F Kennedy” is an excellent critique of the media (among many others). We in the research community hope fervently that Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Jefferson Morley, and Joey Reid have given others, as well as their employers, permission to question the Oswald verdict and, above all, participate in the effort to get the documents released. Without a doubt, the CIA and FBI are hiding documents that would cause some kind of an uproar...and almost certainly lead to a reexamination of the official explanation of the crime. The time has come.


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Article updates on 1/5/23