The propaganda machine is hard at work in support of fueling the $$$ military industrial complex as Biden conflates Russia with Nazis. Russia lost 27 million people fighting against the Nazis!

Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of D-Day. While rightly praising the few surviving soldiers of that decisive day of battle, bravery and sacrifice in 1944, President Biden went on to conflate the hallowed D-Day counter-offensive against the Nazis, with the current U.S.-backed proxy war with Russia.

This is a total mischaracterization of the current conflict.

The Ukraine war is a wholly unnecessary conflict ignited by NATO expansionism and a $5.2 billion, US-led coup against a democratically elected government a decade ago. The conflict is now fueled by hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons and cash from NATO countries, spurred by the U.S.

The slaughter continues because the American people are being lied to, daily.

A proposed peace agreement was sabotaged on April 9, 2022, by the U.S. and the U.K.  According to Davyd Arakhamia, the leader of Ukraine’s ruling party, Russia would have withdrawn its troops merely in exchange for Ukraine’s neutrality.  Now Ukraine is likely to lose territory in any peace agreement.

The UK’s Boris Johnson carried the message to Ukraine, which scuttled an end to the war:  Fight to the last Ukrainian.

We are told that victory is just around the corner, when almost all objective military analysts have concluded that Ukraine’s military is about to crumble.

Ukraine is being used as an innocent pawn, advanced for slaughter, to justify a long-planned  strategy to weaken and fragment Russia no matter the losses to Ukraine and Europe.

Ukrainians are losing seven to nine soldiers to every Russian on the battlefield, because they have lost control of the air.

It is likely that at least 450,000 Ukrainians have died. Russian deaths are in the 60,000 range, according to respected observers.

The Ukrainian people, lovers of freedom to their core, were given no other alternative but to grimly push forward, and an entire society and a generation of Ukrainian youth have been destroyed.

As the military options for success have receded, Americans are told that sanctions have crippled the Russian economy. But the Russian economy has rebounded dramatically from sanctions. Sanctions fail “when applied to a large resource-rich technically proficient economy,” explained noted economist, James K. Galbraith in an April 2023 article, “The Gift of Sanctions: An Analysis of Assessments of the Russian Economy 2022-2023.”

Sanctions allowed the Russian government to impose “trade protections, industrial policy and capital controls” which it could never have done in their absence. The West’s unwillingness to engage in diplomacy has placed Russia on a war footing, kept it there and forced it to be more self-sufficient.

In short, the US/NATO strategy to weaken Russia militarily, economically and, consequently, politically, has fallen apart.

So, to keep the propaganda-cash machine churning we have the US State Department’s confabulated narrative, Russia = Nazis.  This is a dangerous equation which requires not just historical amnesia, but a willful, wholly corrupt distortion of gargantuan proportions which can only incite hatred of America.

Alliances can shift, but when the narrative shifts, and history is reshaped and edited and retold to fit the political convenience of the moment, when Lies = Truth, we have arrived not at Election Day 2024, but the eve of our own destruction.

During WW II over three dozen nations sent their best to stand up to the Nazi’s designs for world conquest. The United States paid a heavy price. At least 416,800 American soldiers perished in the fight for freedom, with 4, 414 Allied troops falling at Normandy on D-Day.

The Soviet Union, suffered over 27 million deaths in WW II, including military and civilians.  In defense of Stalingrad, over one million Russians died.

No other country fighting the Nazis had this level of casualties. Russians were outnumbered two to one on the eastern front,  yet prevailed. 

It took Russia almost a generation to recover from the compounding effects of the loss of lives, health, housing, infrastructure, and industry.

The Russians, for a brief period after WWII was won, were our friends, until the Truman Doctrine of 1947. Designed by George F. Kennan, it was structured to contain the political, economic and military growth of the USSR, and initiated a period of “Cold War.”

NATO, and a multi-trillion-dollar arms race, which sapped the vitality of both the USA and the USSR, are the progeny of the Truman Doctrine.

Preparation for more war took precedence over social necessities like schools.

The war in Ukraine proclaims freedom while delivering death to Ukrainians, debt bondage to the rest of us-- and massive profits for the corporate war machine.

The war between Ukraine and Russia was provoked by western interests. It did not have to happen. Once it did, it could have and should have been ended quickly. It continues today, not to free Ukraine, but to cover-up the cupidity and the failure of western interventionism.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it,” said the Philosopher George Santayana.

And what of those who mangle history, who dice it through the shredder of self -interest, political ambition and fantasies of conquest, while erasing historic commonalities which should be invoked for friendship, rather than enmity?

What do they get?


What do We The People get? More debt and more war, now openly risking nuclear escalation and annihilation.


A senior statesman, Dennis Kucinich served 16 years in the United States Congress, representing Cleveland, Ohio and ran for US President twice. He went to Congress to focus on pressing domestic issues, jobs, housing, health care, workers’ rights, retirement security, clean water and clean air.  He soon found himself leading efforts to avert or to end wars which were undermining our domestic priorities and threatening global security. 

Gerrymandered out of his district in 2012, he is now running for Congress in OH-7, a newly formed district as an independent, with allegiance to America, not a political party.

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