As security continues to dissolve and the humanitarian crisis deepens in Darfur, Africa Action invites you to participate in our escalation campaign to stop the genocide. Three years after the atrocities began, and two years since the U.S. described the violence as genocide, the international community still has not implemented a plan to achieve peace in Darfur. Today Darfur still has over 2.5 million internally displaced people who are under attack by the Sudanese government and their proxy militia, and living in the worst humanitarian conditions in history. For over two years, Africa Action has been at the forefront of advocating for a United Nations peacekeeping force (UNPKO). After our January escalation campaign earlier this year, President Bush began voicing support for a UN mission and we believed we were poised for the realization of this call, but seven months later, the people of Darfur are still without the protection they need.

Africa Action continues to urge the U.S. to lead the international community in this effort, and we are once again escalating pressure on President Bush to move from rhetorical support of a UN mission to taking the action needed to achieve this goal. Please visit Pump Up the Power to Protect: Darfur Escalation Strategy to read our latest campaign strategy, and to note key dates coming up in the upcoming weeks where you can join us to magnify the pressure! The first action we would like for you to participate in is in an email campaign to tell President Bush to call President Al Bashir with the message that the future of U.S. Sudan relations depends on the deployment of UNPKO in Darfur. This letter will urge President Bush to pick up the phone and call President Al Bashir by August 1st or we will “hang up” on the Bush Administration for failing to protect the people of Darfur! To find out more about U.S. leverage in Darfur, read How the U.S. can Break the Deadlock on Darfur.

If President Bush fails to pressure the Sudanese government to allow in UN peackeepers, on August 1, 2006 we will have a national “Call in-Hang up” day to the White House. Join us as we tie up the lines of the White House for a full hour by calling to say, “President Bush, you continue to fail to take the international leadership to stop the genocide in Darfur. Pick up the phone and to use your leverage to urge Sudanese President Bashir to allow a UN peacekeeping force into Darfur! Your inaction leave us no choice but to hang up on your Administration for your failure to protect.” and then hang up. This “Call in -Hang up” day is the second national action in our escalation plan. If the Bush Administration still refuses to press the Sudanese government to allow in the UN, we will host a rally at President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, TX on the weekend of August 19th.

If there still is no relief for the people of Darfur, we are planning a rally and mass arrest on September 9, 2006 at the White House so save the date! (You can also participate in the rally without risking arrest!) All of these actions will help to build momentum toward a week of action between September 9th and the International Day of Action on Darfur on September 17th. In the U.S. there will be a big mobilization in New York City on that day. Take Action Now! Please continue to send out our postcards Children of Darfur: Picturing Genocide to President Bush to alert him of the continued genocide in Darfur. Continue to support our NY vigils every Tuesday at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. From August 1-August 30 the Arts for Peace and Justice Exhibition of Harrisburg, PA will feature our traveling exhibit of Darfur children’s drawings, for more information click here.

Thank you for all of those who joined us for our pizza volunteer night, we appreciate your support! Please join us in our Bird Dog the Big Dogs campaign by joining our aa birddog yahoo group to find out where key U.S. official will be speaking around the country. Also for those creative activists who would like to come up with escalation ideas please join The Den (Darfur Escalation Now!) yahoo group to brainstorm with other activists in your area.

Keep up the pressure; join us in escalating this campaign! Regards,

The Staff at Africa Action