The most damning indictment of George W. Bush's administration occurred at Victorian's Midnight Cafe on October 17. The performance by social issue satirist and songster Dave Lippman gave new meaning to the Bush-CIA riff.

Lippman, portraying George Shrub, the world's only known singing CIA agent, invoked a political power last captured in the film "Bob Roberts." Lippman, like Tim Robbins, understands the need for singing reactionaries.

Shrub billed himself as a member of the Committee to Intervene Anywhere. The organization's philosophy sounded strikingly similar to Richard Pearl and Dick Cheney's Project for a New American Century. Shrub's explanations have that "I'm a half-wit on speed" with a low-IQ quality so reminiscent of our incumbent President. His parody of a CIA agent proves hilarious primarily because the rhetoric is so near to classic Bush-isms.

My favorite was the sing-along to "I Wonder Who's Kissinger Now?" Every war criminal should be so remembered. For the holiday season, buy the Lippman CD with the "12 Days of Bushmas" and have a sing-along with some eggnog. You can read more about Lippman, download his songs or buy his CDs at

Remember, George Shrub and George Bush share the same point of view "the Right one." And you're either with him, or you're with the terrorists. They're making a list. They're checking it more than twice. They found all Free Press subscribers to be naughty, not nice. So be even naughtier -- support Lippman's efforts to laugh George W. out of office.