We start GREEP ZOOM #160 with a discussion of Ohio’s newly legalized pot access, and the insane interventions against abortion in Texas and Ohio. 

KARL GROSSMAN explains some of the horrors of the radioactive release at Fukushima, Japan, which has been followed by the predicable mass death of millions of sardines and mackerel in northern Japan.

Karl has reviewed RADIOACTIVE: THE WOMEN OF THREE MILE ISLAND by Heidi Hutner, featuring four stalwart women whose health and families have been decimated by radioactive fallout from the 1979 TMI disaster.

KAT KRAMER reminds us of her great work with Kat Kramer’s Films that Change the World which will feature the WOMEN OF THREE MILE ISLAND, perhaps in March.

Karl further describes the KOP28 which was captured by the Emirates’ oil industry and nuke power promoters who want 3X the reactors we have now.

TATANKA BRICCA then joins in with a description of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s sabotage of the phase-out of two decrepit reactors at Diablo Canyon.


We're then regaled by CAMILLA REES, JOHN STEINER & MIKE HERSH with the needs of the GREEP calls for financial support.

In our second hour, DR. KENNETH STERN & legendary newsman DAVID SALTMAN conduct a uniquely powerful session on the Middle East.

Dr. Stern represents the Bard College Center for the Study of Hate.  He and Dave share powerful, unique knowledge of the history of this war-torn region that casts the current Gaza disaster in a new light.

LYNN FEINERMAN, JULIE WEINER, MYLA RESON, ELISSA MATROSS wrap us into a peaceful, powerful climax unlike virtually any other discussion of this polarizing ancient never-ending hell-storm.