While every declared candidate for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee would do a good job, Howard Dean clearly offers some unique qualities and insights that would help advance both the Democratic Party agenda and future electoral prospects. Dean created in 2004 an energy in the grassroots activist base of the Democratic Party that was unmatched by any of the other Primary contenders. He would be a great public face and manager for the national Democratic Party.

Howard Dean understands the power of the Internet as a tool for matching the Corporate Media dominance of the rival Republican Party. Dean understands the threat to American democracy posed by media concentration. It is clear that Dean would act aggressively to support the creation of an alternate Democratic media outside the control of Corporate Republican interests. His list of roughly 3 million Democratic activists email addresses, developed in his Presidential race, would be an amazing asset for the Democratic Party and rivals closely the entire existing list currently being used by the national Democratic Party.  

More than any other contender, Dean has a unique ability to take often fairly moderate positions on issues, in order to help Democratic candidates win elections based on local conditions, without alienating more liberal activists within our broad Democratic Party coalition. He has a strong record as Governor of Vermont when it comes to balancing government budgets. His appeal as a fiscal conservative stands in stark contrast to the fiscally radical and reckless policies of the Bush Republicans. While often being unfairly criticized for comments taken out of context, Dean has reached out strongly to rural, working class and Southern voters currently being seduced by Republicans using social wedge issues and Republican Right-Wing spin into voting Republican. He makes the argument that these voters have strong economic reasons for becoming solidly Democratic voters. Dean believes strongly in civil rights, civil liberties, economic fairness, environmental responsibility, trade unionism, honest elections, personal freedoms and listening to the average citizen. Former Governor Howard Dean could help bridge the divisions between the grassroots activists, Party leaders and elected Democrats. He has the ability to mend the traditional, FDR- New Deal created, winning Democratic coalition.

Dean connects with college students and working class youths in an exceptionally strong way very much like the Kennedy brothers in the 1960’s, Jimmy Carter in 1976 and Bill Clinton in the 1990’s. Dean understands that getting young people involved in the Democratic Party at an early age helps create lifelong Democratic voters. It has become clear that the Democratic Party at every level needs to concentrate more on creating lifelong Democrats instead of just trying to elect individual candidates in expensive last minute TV based advertising campaigns. The rival Republicans have been using this approach for the past 30 years and gaining advantages over the Democrats as a result. Dean understands this problem. Republicans and their Corporate allies will almost always be able to afford to out advertise Democrats in these last minute TV based campaigns.

In fundraising, Dean can build on the impressive record of our current DNC Chairman by using his Internet lists and grassroots connections. While Democrats will likely never be able to outspend the Republican-Corporate alliance, we can remain competitive in financial terms. Dean has an excellent record when it comes to raising funds especially from small donors.

On the very important personal level, Dr. Howard Dean has exceptional intellectual abilities. He is a warm, witty and compassionate man. Dean shows a real commitment to and passion for making life better for the average guy. His deep love for America shows in his every word and action.

In conclusion, Howard Dean would offer some unique new approaches to building the Democratic Party at the national level while integrating it with local activists everywhere. He would restore many of our traditional strengths while developing new ones. Out of the many good choices for a new national Democratic Party leader, Howard Dean should be the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Stephen Crockett is co-host, Democratic Talk Radio http://www.DemocraticTalkRadio.com .