Watch this video to “take the time to educate yourself on who we [White Buffalo] are and what we do…”

Anthony DeNicola, the deer mass murderer who orchestrated and led the slaughter of 313 deer (the “official” count) in Death Park (fka Shawnee Mission Park) over the course of three nights last week, sent me this missive via email:

Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 1:41 PM
To: Jason Miller
Subject: Re: DEATH PARK DEER: The latest disturbing developments


If I understand correctly you are a self-proclaimed autodidact. If so, please take the time to educate yourself on who we are and what we do, and not follow the misinformation and ignorance that you are regurgitating. We euthanized 312 deer in 3 nights while training law enforcement personnel to be able to continue management in the future in the most humane way possible. There were no crippled deer and all were shot in the brain. The meat processor and State biologist can verify this because they saw every carcass, and they have no reason to lie about their observations. In fact, the State would prefer hunting, so if we had conducted ourselves improperly they would have called us to task to have hunting be the only permitted management option.

Also, please realize that my organization was instrumental in the research that allowed for the registration of GonaCon, the vaccine that was part of your proposed solution. I am conducting 100 surgical sterilization next month in Missouri as part of a suburban deer management program. This is an initiative to come up with an alternative non-lethal solution that can be practical and cost effective in developed environments.

And remember millions of “semi-tame” cats and dogs are euthanized every year.

Tony DeNicola, Ph.D.

Probable victim of the Death Park Deer Massacre….

My reply:

From: Jason Miller
Date: Nov 12, 2009 3:29 PM
Subject: Re: DEATH PARK DEER: The latest disturbing developments


I will admit that I’m no expert on you, your company, or your “services,” but I’ve done enough homework to know that while you are not the cause, you are an abhorrent symptom of the dominant culture and its obsessions with death, killing, dominating, profiting, “wise use” (my favorite euphemism for abusing nature and nonhuman animals), and satiating human desires at the expense of other sentient beings and the Earth.

In an anarcho-vegan world (which we probably won’t see in our lifetime, but if Homo sapiens are to remain extant, humanity will probably be forced to reorganize and evolve into such a sociocultural and economic construct—since we’re destroying the planet), you would be tried and severely punished (perhaps executed) for premeditated mass murder of sentient beings.

I have watched the video that Steve Hindi captured of that horribly botched “sharp-shooting” you orchestrated that devolved into chaos, mayhem, and the shooters resorting to suffocating deer with plastic bags over their heads. God only knows what Hindi had captured on the confiscated cameras which you or the rangers wiped clean. And God only knows what happened out there in Death Park. It took the FBI, the JOCO Sheriff Department, city police, the park police, and a ridiculous restraining order, but they managed to keep me out of the areas where you were baiting and preparing for the democide. Otherwise, you can bet I would’ve had you on “candid camera.” One day someone will capture you on film and shut you down.

I saw the photos, have spoken to activists and have read accounts of the helicopter massacre of Axis deer you perpetrated at Pt. Reyes.

And gunning down 313 deer in 3 nights at Death Park? That’s a bloodbath. What’d you use? Uzi’s?

I’ve read of your butchery you call sterilization (saw a photo of you with a scalpel in one hand and a deer ovary in the other), which by the way is NOT a nonlethal means of deer overpopulation control I support. Your sterilization and IC projects are merely vehicles for you to maintain your tax-exempt status. You aren’t pulling the wool over my eyes.

GonaCon is NOT the IC that we proposed in our nonlethal plan. We suggested the use of PZP, which Jay Kirkpatrick has been studying for years—and as he states, “It works. It works WELL.” We ultimately began demanding (we learned early on there was no point in “asking”) that JCPRD/KDWP use GonaCon since it had recently been approved for use by the EPA, though even without that approval they could have gotten a permit to use either drug for research purposes—an ideal scenario for our suburban family park had they used Anthony Marr’s DAA to “remove” the “excess” deer instead of paying you to shoot them in the face and splatter their brains on the ground.

GonaCon would have been developed and approved with or without your organization. Besides, I see the world in shades of gray. Polemics and hyperbole aside, I recognize that you are not “all bad” and that you have made some contributions to wildlife. But make no mistake about the fact that I also realize that your ruthless barbarism cloaked by your intellect and professionalism far outweigh any good you’ve done for nonhuman animals.

And to call shooting another living, sentient being in the head “euthanasia” is a criminal abuse of language. At the end of your missive to me, you reference the millions of domestic companion animals whom are euthanized each year (a practice which I utterly abhor—I have several rescue animals in my family and make regular donations to no-kill shelters). As malevolent a practice as that is (Nathan Winograd has crafted a brilliant plan to implement nationwide no-kill shelters), even animal shelters generally euthanize with drugs. But then again, I suppose bullets are cheaper.

I recognize that state conservation agencies like the KDWP are all about killing too, though for slightly different reasons than you. I’m all too familiar with the complex social, cultural, economic, and political dynamics that enable the 15 million or so US hunters and “conservationists” like Lloyd Fox to maintain their self-appointed place as “guardians of over-populated species” and of “biodiversity.”

As with most forms of nonhuman animal exploitation and slaughter, it comes down to human monetary gain, “tradition,” comfort, pleasure or convenience—with an utter disregard for sentience and for the growing body of cognitive ethology studies showing that the individuals that people like you and hunters wantonly massacre lead relatively rich intellectual, emotional, and social lives. It takes a souless person, Tony, to reify or objectify thinking, feeling individuals to the extent that you can eradicate them like a flea infestation, murdering them, tearing apart families, and leaving fawns motherless before they’re self-sufficient.

And for you to present yourself as the only alternative to their blood-sport is both mendacious and representative of a false dichotomy. Like you, Tony, I’m a smart, educated man. So don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting that it isn’t possible to utilize a variety of nonlethal means to manage human-caused over-populations of wildlife. In this specific instance, we had Anthony Marr, In Defense of Animals, and thousands of grass roots activists around the world poised to pour their time, money, brainpower, and labor into creatively implementing a comprehensive nonlethal deer management plan in Death Park. JCPRD and KDWP let the deer overpopulation problem spiral out of control for several years and then simply marched in lock-step with the prevailing culture of death, anthropocentrism, and speciesism by paying you handsomely to slaughter our precious deer and by authorizing a bow hunt, which won’t happen if my group has anything to say about it. You and your butchers have already plowed enough deer six feet under.

You, sir, are an abomination from a moral standpoint. And practically speaking, your’re a dinosaur—-a vestigial remnant of a culture of death that’s gasping its last, choking on the noxious fumes of its own excrement. We’ve fouled our own nest to the extent that we, as a collective species, are drowning in our own effluent.

Meanwhile, empathy deficient bullies like you surf the wave of humanity’s peak as “lords and masters” of the Earth. Be careful, Tony.

When Mother Nature reaches out and bitch slaps us (Homo rapiens), that wave will hurl you face-first into the craggy rocks hugging the shore-line and you and your pitiless cohorts are going to find yourselves mangled beyond recognition.


Jason Miller Senior Editor and Founder of Thomas Paine’s Corner Press Officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office Founder of Bite Club of KC

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