Target: G8 Leaders: Developing nations struggle to provide healthcare, education and HIV and AIDS prevention/treatment for their citizens. Debt relief or debt cancellation gives the opportunity for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) to reprioritize funds and focus on development, creating programs and opportunities that benefit their citizens. Debt relief already has proven successful in parts of Africa.

For example, after recent debt cancellation, Nigeria now expects to employ 120,000 new teachers enabling 3.5 million children to receive an education. In Tanzania the number of children receiving primary education has doubled. They are making excellent use of 1,000 new schools and 31,000 new schoolrooms. Choosing to relieve the debt of HIPC will not hurt those countries receiving debt payments because the payments are insignificant in comparison to the powerhouse economies of the lenders. It is time to help the world's poorest by giving HIPC the chance to develop. Tell the G8 world leaders to act in a timely manner forgiving debt to all indebted nations.

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