On Tuesday, voters across America overwhelmingly rejected politicians' attacks on women's health. Today, politicians in the Ohio Statehouse have nevertheless continued those attacks.

The Ohio House Health Committee has scheduled a VOTE for the bill to defund Planned Parenthood health centers in Ohio on Wednesday, November 14.

Politicians in the Ohio Senate have also signaled an intent to move the "heartbeat" abortion ban bill, even after making statements that there would not be controversial legislation moved during the end of the legislative calendar.

Governor Kasich has appointed Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonadakis to the Ohio State Medical Board - a position for which he is unqualified beyond directing attacks on women's health care.

Your action is urgently needed to tell legislators that these attacks are completely unacceptable. Women have the right to make their own health care decisions and they need access to their own doctor in their own community. Please email the Representatives and Senators who will be deciding the fate of these attacks in the coming days:

Defunding Button - LameDuck2012

Heartbeat Button - LameDuck2012

If you can attend the Health Committee hearing on Wednesday, November 14, please meet at our office at 206 E. State Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 at 8:15AM. The hearing will be long, crowded, and uncomfortable so please bring something to read, a seat cushion, and your best pink t-shirt. If you don't have a shirt, we'll provide one.

We only have a little time to act, but so much to protect. Thank you for your action.


Gary Dougherty
State Legislative Director
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio