Dear Editor:
Women’s rights are a quintessential part of political decisions,which could not have been more clear in the recent presidential election. Women all over the country voiced theiropinion in support of reproductive health care.

Why is it that Ohio politicians are interested in eliminating thisprogress? Each woman is capable of making her appropriate health care decisionand should not be limited by legislation from a large group of malepoliticians. The voters spoke, but too many of our representatives in Columbusare not listening. What will it take for our message to be heard?

I am an Ohio college student and I personallyrely on Planned Parenthood for my own reproductive health care. As an aspiring medical student I spend mytime in the classroom, the lab, and on campus studying, leaving no time for ajob on the side. Therefore, I rely onthe services provided at the local Planned Parenthood to maintain properhealth. In addition, I have many peers withsimilar lifestyles and share the same concerns regarding the defunding ofwomen’s health care.

We will not stand for politicians—too many ofwhom are men—dictating our health care choices to us. I’m going to express myoutrage to my elected officials, and I am urging all my friends to do so.

Paige Piper