At this 86th zoom session of the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition we are joined by activist Nicole Dvorak who has pioneered powerful new means of tracking the purchase of politicians by giant corporations.  Nicole’s work offers a roadmap for building the critical data base needed to expose exactly how our democracy is being destroyed by big money.

We also proudly host Nancy MacLean of Duke University, whose landmark Democracy In Chains digs deep into the destruction of our essential government structured by a greedy Uber-rich class of fascists and autocrats who threaten us all.  Nancy is interviewed by the great Tatanka Bricca, whose detailed knowledge of what plagues our electoral system sets a critical framework from a truly unique discussion.

Central Ohio’s Steve Caruso also reports on the insane attempts of the Ohio Republican Party to sabotage efforts to draw fair representational districts in the Buckeye State. Those assaults have been shockingly resisted by Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor of the Ohio Supreme Court in one of the great sagas of actual courage in American politics.

Unless we find more of it, this nation is doomed.