Amy Coney Barrett Got Lectured – and Hopefully Learned Something About Dark Money in Politics - During the Supreme Court Hearings on Oct 13, 2020

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“Amy Coney Barrett claims to be religious; yet here she is perpetuating money grubbing entities who violate the commandments like “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s farm, thy neighbor’s ox or anything of thy neighbors”. How about thy neighbor’s right to 1 man - 1 vote?”– Anonymous

(28-minute lecture of Barrett from October 13, 2020): (331,263 views)

(20-minute questioning of Barrett on the next day of the hearings): (54,318 views)

On October 13, 2020, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) lectured Judge Amy Coney Barrett (and the small number of the Senators in the room – plus the tiny portion of the US populace that tuned in).

During the lecture, Barrett’s facial expressions looked like a college student being informed of important new information by her respected professor. She had a concerned, even sobering look on her face during this important lecture, making me temporarily fantasize that Barrett might suddenly recuse herself from the nomination, simply out of embarrassment that she has been duped by an evil agenda by allowing herself to be part of a massively corrupt Dark Money scheme perpetrated by hidden ultra-wealthy entities that can remain anonymous.

Using poster board displays, Senator Whitehouse argued that Trump’s nomination reflects a long-term pattern, by conservative special interest groups, of using Dark Money to influence who sits on the US Circuit and Supreme Courts.

Unlimited money in politics (aka campaign bribes to politicians and also various government bureaucracies) was made legal with the disastrous conservative 5-4 Supreme Court decision known aa “Citizen’s United”, which has resulted in the packing of the US court system with conservative, pro-corporate, pro-pollution, anti-regulation, right-wing, anti-democracy agendas.

The Federalist Societyand Donor’s Trust are “gigantic identity scrubbers for the Right-Wing” especially the anonymous wealthy corporate donors of Dark Money that desires to make the Supreme Court more corporate friendly - and also likely to reverse Roe v. Wade, the same sex marriage ruling and the Affordable Care Act.

Please pay attention to this remarkable speech (as well as the questioning of Barrett on their second encounter the next day) by a courageous and remarkably progressive legislator who deserves accolades.

I would go so far to say that the October 13, 2020 lecture given to Barrett deserves to be listed on a list of the most important speeches every delivered by an American politician. (Sadly, I have report the total absence of attention by the corporate-controlled mainstream media, including PBS and NPR, both of which receive substantial economic support from its corporate sponsors, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Johnson & Johnson and many other tax-exempt foundations that have interests in shaping what news gets reported. Shameful!)

Gary G. Kohls, MD


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Thank you, Senator Whitehouse. It is high time the American People understand what exactly going on in our political system and how it is being warped for the few by the Republicans. We are losing our democracy (republic).

This is an excellent introduction to right-wing court packing.

This performance today was not only informative but jaw dropping! While Dark Money in politics isn’t a new revelation; how he was able to tie its impact to our courts and this nomination was excellent! Every American, regardless of their political affiliation should be angry and concerned.

If only the American public had the attention span to watch this and the education to understand it.

Best explanation of Dark Money I have heard. I wish the cameras would have shown the Republican Senators as you spoke.

I appreciate visual aids when someone is trying to make a point, I’m glad I watched the hearing when this gem started talking. Mr. Whitehouse, can you be our President? It would be nice to not be BS'd day after day.

The big problem is that the average American won’t take the time to listen to him People need to wake up because they (the rich)use the race card to keep people divided because if we all come together they lose their power

Great Job exposing the Repub dark money judicial selection & packing scheme Sen Whitehouse. The obvious question now. What are you and Dems gonna do about it?

This is what is called 'State Capture' and republicans don't give a rat's tail if anything, democracy has always been an impediment and a cancer because it limits their ability to be cruel and ability to oppress the poor and minority communities and everyone opposed to their lust for money and power.

The best presentation of the entire hearing. What a wake-up call to anyone who thinks their vote doesn’t matter, or the frivolous act of voting for a 3rd party candidate. Welcome to Trump land and the totally corrupted Republican Party. Senator Whitehouse and his staff are worthy of every possible accolade. Reminds me of a PBS Frontline report that laid out how a Dark Money organization gave the Republican candidate a shopping list of what they could offer him, from flyers to TV ads, depending on how much he would commit to voting on issues per their direction. Our country is in trouble and most citizens don’t seem to have a clue.

Bravo and amazing presentation. Completely agree. This is one of the biggest problems in this country. It should be bipartisan to get money out of politics but places like FOX and other conservative propaganda sources brainwash and distract people with "BUT THE DEMS" ... we should be working together to stop money in politics.

Thank you, Senator Whitehouse. Fascinating and scary at the same time, thank you for putting it on the record so clearly.

In the past years I keep getting surprised by the quality of certain politicians in the US, that there are people that seem not to be in politics for the power, but for the people, for the country. people like Katie Porter, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Cory Bush, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, from today on i will add Sheldon Whitehouse to this list. My fear is that they never reach real power: the fact that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, two politicians who would not change the system, were the last two nominees for the presidency makes me think that a part of this dark money has also found a way into the nominations for the democrats. Nevertheless, if I could, I would still vote for Biden, but as a Dutch guy that's not possible.

This was the most important presentation of the entire day. Can't imagine how uncomfortable some people were being forced to sit thru this. Lol. Amazing job, Senator.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is a national hero. It is always good to hear someone speaking the truth - especially when lying has become the coin of the realm.

A Senator calling out dark money & fossils fuel industry? We need more of this.

Ever notice how the FBI go missing on issues like this?

This was the most revealing information. It explains SO much. Thank you sir for your dedication to our country. I don't know if I'm more upset by learning of this scheme or if I'm more relieved to know that there is SOMEONE in my government who is willing to try and expose this. If I could give you a million thumbs up I would.

On point, our vote is being stolen by Corporate interest.

Senator Whitehouse, outstanding presentation... I just keep telling myself, in our United States there is only one absolute power and that is the Majority of Americans. We need to start exercising our power... Amen.

Wow! The GOP and their donors seemingly want an oligarchy structure in this country. Thank you, Senator Whitehouse for your insightful, eye-opening presentation!

“Amy Coney Barrett claims to be religious; yet here she is perpetuating money grubbing entities who violate the commandments like “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s farm, thy neighbor’s ox or anything of thy neighbors”. How about thy neighbor’s right to 1 man - 1 vote?” When the Hawaiian senator interviewed her she implied that the concept of stare decisis the problem of people starving in the streets. Basically implying that the men who formed the Supreme Court had minds which were inviolable. This is a dogmatic concept as Diane Feinstein ambiguously pointed out and the bible tells us not to be dogmatic when it says “thou shalt have no other gods before God”. Whitehouse is right if there’s hypocrisy in the light there’s power in the dark also the fact that she’s being rammed thru. There is a hidden corrupt agenda and fraud. McConnell said after the McCain Feingold law passed 5 to 4 that he would violate it anyway, thus supporting campaign finance corruption and it appears the reason he stopped Obama’s appointee was to keep that 5 to 4 ratio that kept corruption intact with the Supreme Court. Whitehouse is obviously a lot smarter and less dogmatic than the rest of Congress and why corruption is hard to stop. The reason you seldom hear his concerns (on the media) is because the corporate entities that support campaign finance corruption (like Time Warner, AT & T and so on) own all the media.


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