Geoengineering, according to the Royal Society of the United Kingdom, is defined as "the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic (man-made or corporate-caused)climate change" and divides methods into two types: carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, and solar radiation management aimed at reducing heat coming in (from the sun)or reflecting more of it out.



I write this week’s Duty to Warn column the day after the biannual (July 7-8, 2018). Sunday evening, over 8 hours after the last the last plane touched down, a heavy thunderstorm partially cleansed the area of some of the toxic aviation fuel residue that contaminated the air, soil and water in the area. The weather during the previous 72 hours however, was perfect, with clear blue skies and 80 degree temps that have persisted now for nearly 4 days. Today, Monday, July 9, the skies continue to be deep blue and clear with actual cumulous clouds.


To my knowledge, deep blue skies and classical cumulous clouds lasting for more than a 24-hour period hadn’t been witnessed by anybody in Duluth for many years. That has been my experience at any rate, although, according to photos of the 2017 Duluth Air Show (which featured the US Navy’s Blue Angels stunt pilot crew), showed blue skies early in the first day and even showed some classic cumulous clouds.


Duluth’s air show, which until last year has been a biennial event, has been occasionally called the Dulut Hairshow by Duluth’s progressive and peacemaking community. Apparently, because of the lucrative nature of the event (and partly because of popular demand), the Duluth Air Show may continue to be an annual event.


The morning the Thunderbirds roared into town (Friday, July 6), the skies started out a deep clear blue, with none of the wispy smudges that are routinely left by the chemicals that had aerosol-sprayed during the days prior. Cumulous clouds like the one that I used to see decades ago were floating in the sky all weekend. No military jet planes (or obviously commercial planes) were leaving white chemical trails behind them, even though scores of commercial jets were still making their routine trips across our skies like they do every day of the week.


The well-documented nearly daily (or hourly, oftentimes in tandem, side-by-side or simultaneous) military jet plane c aerosol spraying continues to be a secret experiment to quietly counteract global warming that is being conducted, without the approval of us commoners, by powerful Deep State elites in conjunction with military institutions the world over.


The vast majority of chemical aerosol spraying from military jet planes is conducted by pilots who may have, as their major missions, the spraying of toxic chemicals into the sky. The poisonous liquid in the large containers in their holds has been documented in many cases to contain the heavy metal toxins aluminum, barium and cesium and the missions are being completed, in America at least, by obedient USAF pilots, with nary a single whistleblower among the hundreds of pilots required to accomplish this enormous task.


For more sobering information on the realities of chemical spraying, please study the articles and photos at any of these websites:;;;;;; ;


I live a mile up the hill from Lake Superior, in the central hillside district of Duluth, Minnesota, where fruit trees thrive somehow despite our sometimes harsh northern climate. My second story deck affords me a panoramic view of Lake Superior and the sky above the lake. A lot of the horizon to the east, south and west of Duluth is right in front of me.


And so, for the past couple of  decades that I have been living in Duluth, I have been looking up and watching the sky frequently during the day, and like many other observant folks like the heroic and energetic whistle-blower Dane Wigington (of have regularly seen military jet planes overhead (going helter-skelter, in random directions) spraying white aerosolized material from wing nozzles that are usually strategically-placed in the vicinity of the jet engines in order to convince casual observers into believing the myths that the trails are “condensation” trails. Condensation trails are visible frozen water vapor that only occur in the very cold temperatures that occur only at very high altitudes. Condensation trails are commonly known as “contrails”, which are very distinct from the vastly more common chemical trails (aka “chemtrails”) which are NOT ice crystals. Chemtrails linger in the sky for hours and hours whereas contrails only persist for a matter of seconds if they show up at all. Contrails, which are ice crystals and which disappear when the ice evaporates back to invisible water vapor, never show up at low altitudes, whereas chemtrails show up at all altitudes and temperatures, hence their common appearance behind both the jets and propeller planes at air shows and flyovers.


The white particulate material that everybody can see (if they are curious enough to just look up) starts as persistent, narrow trails of white cloudy material behind a chemtrail-spraying plane. The trails gradually merge with other chemtrails from other planes, forming a slowly thinning haze that lingers in the sky as the day progresses. The density of the haze thickens when additional jet planes fly over and repeat the polluting process, eliminating any possibility of normal cloud formation. Stormy weather conditions still can create grey cloudy overcast skies, and, during those hours or days, it can be assumed that the jet planes that are used for chemtrail spraying missions are grounded.


The nearly daily phenomena described above are easily confirmed by anybody with an inquisitive mind who occasionally is outside and scans the sky for more than a casual glance. Most observers therefore will miss the flyover plane which will disappear in a few minutes, leaving behind his effluent. However, attentive folks will easily notice that the horizon-to-horizon trails of cloudy material remains in a visible trail for hours, depending on atmospheric wind conditions.


To remind readers of what I speak, see the images below:


Image result for Images of normal cumulus clouds vs chemtrails contaminated skies    Image result for Images of normal cumulus clouds vs chemtrails contaminated skies

Normal skies vs Chemtrail-contaminated skies


Knowing that the now provable world-wide chemtrail conspiracy is not just theoretical; and knowing that Duluth has not experienced very many days of clear blue skies over the years that I have lived in Duluth, it is only logical to wonder out loud if some entity in the bowels of the well-hidden Deep State has decreed that the atmospheric conditions for this year’s (and last year’s?) Duluth Air Show should be blessed by an absence of chemical spraying beforehand and during the show.


Why? Well everybody at the show (and those annoyed by the loud noises everywhere in Duluth) would be looking up during the two days and having obvious chemtrails up there would raise suspicions about the legality of aerosol spraying among at least a few of the fans on the ground. Therefore, continuing to obscure the fact that there is such a thing as illegal chemtrail spraying and contamination of the atmosphere is good politics.


Below are some images that are convincing to me that some evil entity somewhere is manipulating public opinion:


Image result for Blue Angels Duluth Air Show 2017 images

2017 Duluth Air Show the head-lined the Blue Angels stunt pilots (Note clear blue sky above, with no chemtrail haze (yet) and with historically normal, disappearing cumulous clouds and rain clouds on the horizon)


Image result for Thunderbird duluth mn airshow images 2018    Image result for Air Force Academy Thunderbird accident images    Image result for Air Force Academy Thunderbird accident images

These Ain’t Contrails: USAF Thunderbird stunt teams exhibiting 3 examples of formations with lead and center planes showing no aerosol spray (Note clear blue sky on left and right photos and hazy blue sky in the middle photo [presumably from the aerosol spraying during the previous few hours of the airshow)


Thunderbird #7 Acting as Photo Chase following the Diamond

USAF Thunderbirds with only 4 or the 5 planes spraying from all 3 aerosol turrets (Note clear blue sky)


Aerobatic aircraft    24329CF5    6E830FCB

The Royal Canadian Air Force Stunt Plane Group the Snowbirds (Note clear blue sky with cumulus cloud formation in photo #1. Note in photo # 2 and #3 how the chemtrails from the Snowbird’s spraying of nano-particulates into the air, cause long-lasting chemtrail hazing that, theoretically, cools the region immediately below the artificial clouds by temporarily - and very slightly - blocking the sun’s rays, an experiment that is proving to be actually worsening the many adverse consequences of global climate change. For many more sobering details listen to what Dane Wigington has to say on his weekly podcast at: and check out Wigington’s very informative and very sobering website at:


Apparently, what 97% of climate scientists (like Dane Wigington) know about the lethal nature of climate change seems only to be comprehended by true science-minded non-scientists and other intelligent, compassionate and open-minded (non-sociopathic) people that are legitimately concerned about the future of the world, it’s children and all the current and future inhabitants of planet earth.


The sociopaths, the “my country right or wrong uber-patriots”, the willfully ignorant, the permanently distracted, the hopelessly addicted and those who have been brain-washed by science-deniers with deceptive political or financial agendas may be totally uneducable on the issues. Unfortunately, there also appears to be an abundance of elites that are in positions of political or economic power and wealth that are only concerned with their own economic interests and not about the public well-being or the future of the children and the planet.


Keep looking up and keep questioning the motives of those secretive, anti-democratic elites that are in positions of power.