The Ohio State University is once again trying to stop the OSU Hempfest from happening. This time they have tried to intimidate their own students by first saying we needed to put a $10,000 deposit down UP FRONT if we wanted to have the festival this year. We called their bluff, and they were forced to lower their demand to $5,000. We are up against the wall this year, and we need to raise $5,000 or the festival WILL NOT HAPPEN. We are asking students to donate between $5-10. If there are just 500 students that can pledge $10 each, the festival will be saved.
Donations can be made directly to SSDP on the Main Oval every Tuesday and Friday until the day of the festival from 10AM-4PM. You can also write a check and mail it to 83 West 9th Ave., Apt #2.