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Bob Fitrakis has long been involved in voting rights litigation. Fitrakis was an Election Protection attorney on November 2, 2004 in Franklin County. Fitrakis rose to national prominence during the U.S. Presidential election of 2004 and called the first public hearings on election irregularities in Ohio. He filed a challenge in the Ohio Supreme Court to Ohio's presidential election results in the cases Moss v. Bush and Moss v. Moyer with three other attorneys. He testified on election irregularities before the Congressional Black Caucus and Progressive Caucus. Fitrakis served as co-counsel in the King-Lincoln-Bronzeville civil rights case.

Connie Gadell-Newton started working with Bob Fitrakis at the Free Press in 2008, when she requested the records of purged voters from the 88 County Boards of Elections. Connie and Bob also sued to get Cynthia McKinney, Green Party Presidential Candidate, on the ballot in 2008, and appointed Election Observers through the Green Party to protect the vote. These activities were supported by funding that was donated through the Ohio Litigation Fund.

Other legal cases and controversies that Connie and Bob have worked on, through their law firm Fitrakis and Gadell-Newton, LLC, formed in 2010, include:
* The Attorney General Complaint that resulted in the re-organization of Antioch College;
* A similar Attorney General Complaint for Wilberforce University;
* Assistance to PASS activists to expose fraud and corruption in the NCLB tutoring program in Columbus City Schools;
* Occupy Columbus permitting;
* Bank Tour Protest- Representation of activists charged with criminal trespass, a case which went to trial;
* General Counsel for the Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment and Ohio Rights Group; * Advocacy on behalf of prisoners facing Super-Max solitary confinement;
* Representation of activist Madeline ffitch, who was charged with a fifth degree felony for protesting the dumping of toxic waste into an injection well near her home;
* Representation of Nate Ebert and nine other activists at their arraignment and bond hearing on charges of criminal trespass in Washington County for protesting the Green Hunter waste treatment facility;
* An unpaid wages case and racial discrimination case for Plaintiff Jerome Freeman.

How you can help - Donate to the Ohio Litigation Fund

There are many activist oriented causes that Bob and Connie would like to support through their work at the Free Press and their law firm Fitrakis and Gadell-Newton, LLC; however, their ability to help is limited by funding and often depends on their clients' ability to pay- or sometimes requires a sacrifice of their time and energy without pay. A donation to the Ohio Litigation Fund can help. Donations will help Bob and Connie continue to fight corruption and racism, and to defend the activists who stand up for our rights. As the fiscal sponsor for the Ohio Litigation Fund, the Columbus Free Press will also receive a percentage of the funding to support operating costs. You, the donor, will be able to claim your tax deductible donation on next year's taxes. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation will support the people and causes you care about- the environment, exposing corruption, supporting activists, ending racial discrimination, advocating for prisoner's and patient's rights, and protecting our public institutions such as public schools.

The Ohio Litigation Fund
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