U.S. and allied special forces in Afghanistan killed 2 civilian men, 2 pregnant women and a teenage girl in Gardez, and they then tried to hide their crime. We can't let them get away with a cover-up. Watch our new video featuring an exclusive interview with a survivor, and sign our petition calling for an independent, U.N.-led investigation.

In this night raid on Feb. 12, special forces mistakenly attacked a baby shower. Instead of getting immediate medical treatment for the wounded, special forces personnel focused on destroying evidence, digging the bullets out of the bodies.

Gen. McChrystal's P.R. team fought for weeks to obscure the truth. They lied about finding the women dead when they arrived. They smeared journalists who questioned their story. On April 4, they admitted to killing all of the innocent victims, including the women.

After this outrageous behavior, McChrystal says we should trust his forces to investigate themselves. That's ludicrous.

Watch our exclusive interview with a survivor of the raid and demand an independent investigation into the cover-up of the slaughter of innocent civilians.

Thanks for all you do.

Sincerely, Derrick Crowe