Tomorrow, the Senate will begin debate -- again -- on whether or not to give immunity to giant telecom companies that helped the NSA illegally listen to your phone conversations and read your emails.
The White House is fighting hard for their friends in the industry, but it's up to the Senate to do the right thing. We cannot allow our basic civil liberties to be ignored. Tell your Senators today that you expect them to hold the telecom companies responsible for their actions.

Tell the Senate: No immunity for giant telecom companies. True Majority

The House has already passed a version of the bill that does NOT include immunity. Now it's time for the Senate to do the same. Don't let the White House bully the Senate into trampling our basic civil liberties. While the government issued the order, it was up to the telecom companies to decide whether or not to break the law. Those that did should be held responsible. In this country it takes a warrant to listen to the private conversations of American citizens. End of story.

They better be listening now,

Ben Kroetz, Online Organizer