The U. S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act will trump Issue 3 a Ohio Constitutional Amendment. So, Issue 3 will have no final effect. However, if you read the text of Issue 3 and the handout notes for my seminars, you will see that Issue 3 would immediately harm every citizens of Ohio by preventing the improvement of the delivery, and increasing costs of health care. It is so ambiguous and broadly framed that it would result in much litigation which would be paid for the tax payers.

The immediate devastating effect would be to invalidate needed laws and regulations passed since March 19, 2010, including the cost saving ones passed by the Kasich administration. Any needed in the future would also not go into effect. It would keep 1.5 million Ohioans, 135,325 of them children, from having medical insurance or health care until the U. S. Supreme Court ruling is made, and the provisions of the Affordable Care Act from going into effect as scheduled. It would interfere with the use of new vaccines, prevent the keeping and sharing records of new diseases, licensing changes of care givers and cause many other problems.

The uninsured have little or no preventive or routine medical care. When they get deathly ill they visit hospital emergency rooms and some are admitted. Then even expensive intensive treatment does not save the lives of some. The result that is those who pay their hospital and caregivers’ bills, now have the bills and medical insurance premiums increased. The Affordable Care Act partially solves this problem.

About one-half of people polled say they are against “Obama Care” because of the Republican propaganda to discredit President Obama and prevent his reelection. When these same people are asked, they favor the provisions of the Affordable Care Act by an average of 80%!

Unfortunately the uninformed will vote for Issue 3 because the verbiage on the ballot makes it seem as good as apple pie.

Please Vote NO on Issue 3, and also Issues 2 and Issue 1. Spread the word.


Albert A. Gabel
Professor Emeritus
Ohio State University