Earthquakes continue to rattle the damaged nuclear facility at Fukushima Daiichi. The list below shows only the strongest ones- there are weaker ones almost daily. The good news is that the radioactivity does decay with time, decreasing the likelihood of a catastrophic nuclear fire. The bad news is that the buildings housing the spent fuel pools and melted-down reactor cores also decay with time, bombarded as they are with radioactivity, and shaken by earthquakes. Concrete crumbles, pipes break, rats gnaw at wire systems.

TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Power, which runs the facility, is in reactive mode, literally putting out fires, repairing damaged equipment, dealing with overflows of radioactive water. The Japanese mafia, Yakuza, drains off a good portion of the massive public funding poured into the containment/cleanup process. The workers are overexposed to radiation, and even so can only be on site for a short time until they've reached over the maximum exposure allowed, so the supply of workers is running short.

The world community badly needs an outside, independent investigation and report. This could be done by a Senate investigating committee, headed by those senators whose states are most affected. The committee could make recommendations for US or international assistance. If the cleanup could be speeded up with more resources, wisely administered, the danger would be much less.

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Peace, Carol Wolman, MD