Enviro Close-Up #646 - Nuclear Corruption 
Nuclear corruption is a major element in why and how deadly nuclear power plants exist in the United States. The U.S. Attorney’s Office and FBI have just charged the speaker of the Ohio House of Representative and four others in a $61 million scheme to use $1 billion in ratepayers’ money to keep two decrepit nuclear power plants operating. And this kind of situation is not limited to Ohio.
Harvey Wasserman, co-author of “Killing Our Own: The disaster of America's experience with atomic radiation,” and Bob Fitrakis, an attorney and editor of the Columbus Free Press early on were blowing the whistle in the Free Press about the nuclear corruption going on in Ohio. They detail the nuclear corruption—in Ohio and elsewhere—in this Enviro Close-Up.

And they also in the program speak out about another form of corruption—Trump’s effort to steal the 2020 election, a move which both are deeply involved in fighting.  Fitrakis warns of the possibility of a “coup in the fall” involving Trump and the presidential election.