We just found out: The Columbus City council did NOT include funding for the educational or public access channels in their 2004 budget.

However, we think there may be time to save the channel!

The actual budget will be introduced at the Council meeting on Jan. 26 and voted upon at the Council meeting Feb. 2.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please take a few minutes to email or call asking the Columbus City Councilmembers to fund the educational access channel with their promised $60,000 and public access with their promised $40,000. This must be done by Friday, Jan. 23! Contact information for Council aides is provided below. Please ask them to forward your message immediately to the Councilperson.

Thanks for any help you can provide! Suzanne Patzer 253-2571, 287-5748, spatzre@cscc.edu

Mary Ellen O'Shaughnessy: Legislative Aide: Lelia Cady   (614) 645-8509, lecady@columbus.gov

Mike Mentel: Legislative Aide: Kate McSweeney   (614) 645-8558, mkmcsweeney@columbus.gov

Kevin Boyce: Legislative Aide: Sheri-Lynn Caffey   (614) 645-0852, SLCaffey@columbus.gov

Richard Sensenbrenner: Legislative Aide: Steve Soble   (614) 645-8571, SLSoble@columbus.gov

Charleta: Legislative Contact: Bo Chilton   (614) 645-8580, REChilton@columbus.gov

Patsy Thomas: Legislative Aide: Kathy Owens   Telephone: (614) 645-8559 Fax: (614) 645-0533, KAOwens@columbus.gov

Matt Habash: Legislative Aide: Todd Dieffenderfer   (614) 645-8564, tfdiffenderfer@columbus.gov