We begin GREEP gathering #172 with the multi-million-dollar SLAPP suit aiming to murder Greenpeace USA.

We FOLLOW WITH Florida 2000’s coup d’etat perpetrated by the violent Brooks Brother Mob, which included current Supremes John Roberts, Amy Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh.  

ANDREA MILLER and RAY MCCLENDON then join us to discuss the powerful new “GiveButter" fundraising website.

We also hear from Andrea about the welcome dismissal—after five years!---of ridiculous voter suppression charges against an innocent Texas citizen.

Ray explains the realities of voter suppression through “caging,” and cites the potential impact of the issue of abortion being on the Florida ballot this fall.

RON LEONARD mocks the Democratic Party’s top-down addiction, and the fatal trap of “couping.”

Andrea points out that Florida’s referendum allowing ex-felons to vote is still being kneecapped by requirements to pay “fines and fees” even if they aren’t spelled out.

RACHEL DEWOSKIN explains the rise of her “Writers for Democratic Action” and the use of the play “It Can’t Happen Here (Again)” as a powerful organizing tool.

Legendary writer/filmmaker ROGER RAPOPORT of Muskegon, Michigan describes his award-winning podcast series on voter turnout, and the desperate need to get people to vote.

Nuclear expert/activist KEVIN KAMPS joins Roger to explain the insane dynamics of the multi-billion-dollar attempt to re-open the failed, decrepit 50-year-old Palisades nuclear reactor, sited on Michigan’s west coast.

RUTH STRAUSS clarifies the fine points activism among former NRC Chairs.

Safe energy activists MYLA RESON and KARL GROSSMAN dissect the absurd attempt to prevent jalopy reactors like Palisades and Diablo from finding their way to the nuclear scrapheap.

WENDI LEDERMAN wraps this week’s Eastern Monday session by introducing writer/organizer JAY PONTI to discuss the challenges and rewards of grassroots campaigning and his new book “Be the Revolution.”

Happy Easter!!!   See you next week...