A grim “Red Line” has been crossed. But not the one Donald wants.

He’s unexpectedly talking about troop withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan, offering a welcome glimmer for peace.

But he’s also taken a Great Leap into the TrumpExit abyss.

Donald meant his “Red Line” to warn Robert Mueller away from his decades of bankruptcy, theft, and ruble-laundering.

All that’s crumbling. Mueller’s “report” so far has been a devastating onslaught of indictments and convictions.

If the new Democratic House majority pursues Trump’s tax returns and laundered mob money, calls for impeachment will become a deafening roar.

But there’s much more. Trump’s insane decision to shut the government has shaken even many Republicans. That hate-crazed banshees like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter could scream down the White House is a reality too terrifying even for many at Fox “News.” Visuals of young innocents being tortured and murdered have moved the madness even deeper.

The markets have reacted. Trump now hates his recent appointee to the Federal Reserve. He even distrusts his own son-in-law, a kindred grifter if there ever was one.

But mega corporations still run the world. Many were thrilled to see Trump in the White House. Certainly they love his tax cuts.

But they equally crave stability. This madman can’t deliver. Another 1929/2008 crash could be just one deranged tweet away.

So feel safe betting that much of the deep Wall Street chatter centers on The Donald’s departure. Coded phone calls and stealth meetings may be readying Mike Pence to take the helm.

A few hundred more points off the Dow, a few billion more funneled to Trump Inc., a few trillion more down the equities drain, and the Malefactors of Great Wealth may make their move. They did, after all, plot to kill Franklin Roosevelt in 1933

But there’s now another mega-player on the scene: the Imperial Brass.

At least since World War II, the Pentagon/CIA/NSA apparatus has been a global Death Star. It tolerates no stains on its Godly Empire, foreign or domestic (see: Army/McCarthy Hearings, Bay of Pigs, 11/22/1963, 1980 October Surprise, deaths of Noriega and Saddam, and so much more).

Characteristically oblivious, Trump has bulled his way into the China Containment Shop. His cringe-worthy “welcome” speech at CIA-HQ, his insane deployment at the border, his insulting sack of “Mad Dog” Mattis … all are ticking time bombs.

Now he’s proposed pullouts from Syria and Afghanistan.

To those who work for peace, these are great gifts. To have those slaughters end and the troops come home would be a joyous liberation.

But in the eyes of our Imperial overseers, Trump is slipping Syria to his mob boss.

Likewise the “Graveyard of Empires.” If the US leaves Afghanistan, will it revert to the poppy-growing warlords who’ve ruled it for millennia? Will Putin get suckered into yet another imperial suicide?

What matters to the TrumpExit countdown is that the bankers and the Star Warriors have reason to conclude that he’s too crazy, arrogant, and unpredictable to tolerate. In the innermost circles of power, Mike Pence or even Nancy Pelosi must seem a safe harbor in a cyclone of insanity.

If The Donald had even half a brain, he’d shut up and duck for cover.

But he doesn’t, and he won’t. So the sound of the TrumpExit ticking may now be a fire bell on Wall Street and at the Pentagon.