Republican recently sort of maybe re-elected Chief Justice Moyer in the Ohio Supreme Court apparently deems the Judicial Code of Ohio, specifically Cannon 3, not sufficiently convincing to recuse himself. That Canon specifically provides that if your economic interests are tied to the outcome of litigation you MUST recuse yourself. Moyer’s job and salary are base on his reelection results. Notwithstanding that his Election results are shadowed by the same alleged problems with the voting manipulations and irregularities plaguing the Presidential Election, and notwithstanding that there is a collateral action by the same plaintiff attorneys against Moyer himself related to the pled illegitimacy of his re-election, before any evidence on any substantive summary judgment motion or hearings issued, and before even his Court apparently effectively served the Defendants according to the spurious arguments of those main Defendants served but ducking subpoenas, Moyer deems the plaintiff's case-in advance- "inadequate."

Turning from the Bizarre to the truly Kafkaesque, the Chief Judge is now part of the attempt to suppress the honest investigation that the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure mandate be afforded in discovery to every election contestant. In a collateral suit, Chief Justice Moyer is a named Defendant by the same lead plaintiff attorneys challenging his re-election results. I repeat it because the Court apparently missed the point in declining refusal. In any other Court, presided over by any other Judge, these actions should be consolidated. Instead, Moyer has used every opportunity to instead proclaim the action meritless before even a Motion to Dismiss has been filed by any Defendant.

The actions of Moyer are clearly unethical and over the top. OTT.

They should cause every fair minded person of any Judicial integrity to recoil in discomfort at the obvious conflict of interest and start conducting their own investigation into what has become of the Ohio Supreme Court. They also should cause Moyer to immediately reconsider his conduct before he finds himself treading down a road Judicial impartiality dare not tread.

Cynthia Butler is an attorney based in Washington, DC admitted pro hac on the Ohio Contest Litigation challenging the legitimacy of the Presidential Election.