Fahrenheit 9/11 is based on facts, good journalism, and truth.   The film uses interviews with relatives of victims of 9/11, soldiers fighting in Iraq, soldiers who have returned after duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and veterans organizations against the Iraq War.   Because President Bush stopped all attempts to form a 9/11 Commission to determine what happened that allowed the 9/11 attacks, the relatives of the victims who died on 9/11 had to sue the government and GW Bush.  Bush was able to delay the formation for almost a year and a half.   He did this because he was afraid of what a 9/11 Commission would dig up, particularly Bush's failings which allowed the attacks to occur.

Bush was given a direct warning on August 6, 2001 in the form of a Presidential Daily Briefing, or "PDB", while he was on vacation on his Texas ranch.  At first, the Bush administration refused to let the press know even what the title of the PDB was.  That is because the title included Bin Laden and plans for an attack against Americans using commercial aircraft.  Bush obviously didn't read the report.  And he did absolutely nothing to try to prevent the impending attacks.  This is especially unconscionable since the same Bin Laden was suspected of being behind the first WTC attacks and the attack on the USS Cole.  Even with all of that information in the PDB, Bush did nothing.  What is very damning to GW Bush occurred during April of 2001, when GW Bush met with members of the Taliban.  Bush gave them 43 million dollars.  And Bush met with the Taliban and gave them that large amount of money even knowing that the Taliban and Osama bin Laden were connected and were behind the first WTC building bombing and the attack on the USS Cole.   The PDB also contained information that Al Quaeda had been actively taking flying lessons around the United States.

Bush should be charged with gross negligence and murder for being complacent with enemies of our country.  If Bush had acted to defend and protect the citizens of America when he received that very threatening PDB, 3000 Americans could have been spared horrific deaths.  There is definitive proof that Bush was either in on the attacks, or he knew about the terrorists planning to strike the US and did nothing.  While Bush was on a month long vacation his polls had plummeted from 84 percent when he was sworn into office on January 2001, to a paltry 45 percent in August, 2001.  But after the 9/11 attacks, Bush's popularity ratings zoomed up from 45 percent to a staggering 92 percent in just a couple of days.   There are a lot of dark forces in our government.  And don't you think that if the insiders in the Bush Regime could manipulate the masses they would?  I firmly believe that Bush and those who control his every word and move were part of a conspiracy to allow the terrorist attacks to occur and then reap the political and financial benefits from the attacks.

After 9/11/01, the Bush Regime used fear to shove through all kinds of very restrictive bills and they passed the Patriot Bill.  No one even had a chance to read the Patriot bill before it was passed because they didn't have time.  It was prepared just in time for representatives to vote on it but not time to read it.  And no one wanted to vote against the "Patriot Bill" simply because of the title.  The republicans choose that name so they could use it against any democrat who voted against their bill.  Now, because of the "Patriot Act" people have less personal freedoms and they are all subject to be picked up and thrown in prison for an indefinite period of time with no reason.  And they could be tried before a military tribunal where they would not even receive representation.  And the Patriot Act also allowed the government to have access to your medical records, your employment records, and even what books you checked out of libraries.

Bush said "I trust the people, not the government" over and over again during the 2000 campaign.  Of course Bush blatantly lied.  Bush turned to the government to steal the election in 2000.  And he stopped the voting of thousands of people.  Bush didn't trust the people then.  But he did trust five corrupt members of the supreme court to choose him as president.   Since Bush stole the 2000 election he has stayed hidden from the American people.  He has had fewer press conferences that any other president in the history of the United States.  And when anyone presses Bush to answer a question he gets arrogant and even angry and then refuses to answer the questions.  So much for 'trusting the people'.  He stays hidden from the people who he promised he trusted.  Bush is a liar.  A damned liar.

It is unfortunate that republicans have let Bush do what he wants.  They never challenge him.  They blindly follow him.  And that is the problem.  Because of the ignorance of the typical republicans they will still support Bush no matter how bad he as been for our country and how bad he has been for American citizens.  And because of illiterate and uninformed republicans Bush has been able to go to war against the sovereign country of Iraq, a country that never threatened the United States.  And no one in Iraq ever threatened any American.  Unless republicans wake up and start being Americans, instead of duped republicans, our country could face total destruction.  But republicans don't care what happens to our country.  They look at presidential elections like they are football games.  They don't realize that by blindly following sociopathic leaders like Bush and Cheney that they are putting our country in grave danger.

To get informed I urge everyone to watch Michael Moore's movie, Fahrenheit 9/11, before the election.  What do you have to lose?  Nothing.  The movie will make you angry if you are even partly informed and if you have been following Bush and know about his history you will become outraged, because the movie brilliantly brings out the truth of what the Bush family is all about.  But I have a feeling that republicans are terrified of the truth so they won't watch the movie.  So much for their concern for the future of our country.