We gather again for the GREEN GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION Zoom, this one #168.

Legendary voting rights activist RAY MCCLENDON dissects the furor over Fani Willis and the Georgia prosecution of Trump’s 2020 election theft attempt.DENNIS BERNSTEIN, TATANKA BRICCA and JOHN STEINER jump in.CYNTHIA PAPERMASTER tells us of her civil disobedience at the San Francisco home of Nancy Pelosi. ANDREA MILLER explains her upcoming national webinar on Get-Out-The-Vote work that has made a tangible difference in so many elections.,RUTH STRAUSS, LYNN FEINERMAN and WENDI LEDERMAN add their perspectives to Andrea’s amazing work.Just back from London, VINNIE DESTFANO gives us his first person accounts of this critical juncture on the Julian Assange case.SUSAN PYNCHON introduces us to the upcoming election audit zoom with John Brakey, Ray Lutz, Ken Bennett, Bennie Smith; look for the link at

.PAUL NEWMAN and PAUL FENN give us the low-down on the benefits of actually installing solar panels in Santa Monica….and statewide.Renewable energy Godfather RON LEONARD fills us in on the global success of the spreading solar power industry.We finish by exploring the roots of the renewable vision from the 1975 Toward Tomorrow Fair at the University of Massachusetts, where the Solartopia outlook threw down its roots.A challenge to the solar future comes from MARY BUTLER-STONEWALL.MYLA RESON reads us the litany of legislation now being proposed to save California’s beleaguered solar industry.See you next week for more on THOM HARTMANN’s terrifying vision of how Trump can steal the 2024 election.