FAST FOR FUKUSHIMA: Today, Monday, November 11, many of us will begin our first "Eleventh Day Fast for Fukushima." Along with so many others, I won't be eating from dawn to dusk. I will do liquids. But the fast will be meant to honor the victims of this horrible disaster, and to focus our efforts on finding ways to survive it.

The fast comes exactly 32 months after the disaster began. Many of us will fast again each 11th day of the month until Fukushima ceases to threaten the health of the planet, which will almost certainly take a long long time. Hopefully the fasts will be good for the planet's health as well as our own.

NEW PETITION: Many of you wrote noting I omitted the link for the new petition from Arnie Gundersen, asking Tepco be removed from Fukushima.

Here it is

We already have 715 signers, and hope for many many more.

Please note that we continue to gather signatures for our main petition. We have turned an initial 114,000-plus from this petition and 40,000 more from Roots Action plus many more individual and organizational signatures from the Green Shadow Cabinet.

But we cannot and will not stop until a global team of scientists and engineers takes over at Fukushima with the full faith and credit of the world behind them. Only then might we have a chance to survive on this planet.

So please keep sending this petition around, gathering signatures and talking to all who'll listen about what we must do to save our planet and ourselves from the horrific mistake that is atomic energy.