Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together people who believe in using nonviolent methods to build and sustain a peaceful world.

Goals & Intentions

To create environments for study, action, and reconciliation
To generate effective ways of making our voices heard
To support all victims of war, both military and civilian
To hold leaders accountable for advancing peaceful solutions to conflicts


COFP is an active and visible presence in Central Ohio and elsewhere. With the help of the Columbus Unitarian-Universalist and Mennonite Churches, COFP sent 383 School Kits to Iraq. Relief Kits were also sent. In addition, COFP contributed to a Heifer International Project, and sent a response letter to a Green Peace group in Dresden, Germany.

COFP also cooperates with other local and national groups, including the National Network to End the War against Iraq and the Central Ohio Peace Network.

COFP has produced a "Candidate's Peace Policy Survey;" "Open the Door to Peace" Door Hangers; Three Large "Central Ohioans for Peace" Banners; "Central Ohioans for Peace" T-Shirts; and created the Document: "Organizing for Peace, Prosperity, and Democracy (Facilitating Peace by Restoring Democracy)."

Weekly Meetings

Meetings are held every Monday from 7-9 PM in Columbus, Ohio. Everyone is welcome! Our meetings are routinely held at the Mennonite Church at 35 Oakland Park ? one block north of N. Broadway.


Clintonville - Saturdays, Noon-1pm, N. Broadway & High St., Sponsored by Clintonville families for peace. Note: Do not park in the Kroger lot. Contact Michael Gruber at mgruberins@aol.com for questions. Worthington - Saturdays, Noon-1pm, 161 and High St.

Contact: Les Stansbery 614-231-6954 or Joanne Hachtel 614-436-3531, doskin@yahoo.com www.centralohioansforpeace.org

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