The Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio
67 East Innis Avenue
PO Box 07705
Columbus, OH 43207
Phone: (614) 443-6120

The Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO) is a well-recognized, established, and caring organization that has served central Ohio since 1975. NAICCO was founded in 1975 by Selma Walker, a Dakota from the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota. For 18 years, Selma served as the Executive Director of the Center. Selma's dedication and service prepared the way for a new generation of leadership. In 1993, the Center's Board of Trustees elected her daughter, Carol Welsh, as Executive Director of the Center. The Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio is a non-profit, tax-exempt, intertribal corporation. Created and governed by Native Americans, the Center exists to preserve, protect, and promote Native American spirituality, culture, and philosophy.

The following services are provided by the center:

CULTURAL PROGRAMS: The Center has two major pow wows each year. In addition, the Center also holds mini pow wows, lectures, dance demonstrations, storytelling, and other cultural events throughout the year.

CULTURAL ARTS: Classes are available at different times throughout the year in traditional and contemporary Native arts. Typical classes include beading, dancing, singing, language, and clothing design.

WHITE BISON CIRCLE: Native approach to recovery.  Meetings held on alternate Monday evenings throughout the year.  Meetings are open to everyone with a need or desire to attend.

TALKING CIRCLE: A Talking Circle is held on alternate Monday nights throughout the year. Topic varies.

CREATIVE CIRCLE: A Creative Circle is held on Wednesday nights throughout the year.

AA MEETINGS: Big Book (closed) Candlelight Meeting, and 12 x 12.

BASIC NEEDS: Clothing, household items, and hot lunches are available to those in need.

FOOD PANTRY: Food for each member of the family, once each month with proper ID.

EMPLOYMENT AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES: Job referrals made to local employers. Training referrals to JTPA and BVR. GED and adult literacy referrals are also available. Tutoring through the Columbus Public Schools is available for school-aged children.

VETERAN REFERRAL: Referrals to the Disabled Veterans' Services.

Pow Wows

Most of the original nations of North America, indeed, most tribal peoples worldwide, spent the better part of the year in scattered bands. At least once a year though, they would gather together, sometimes with visitors from other nations. These gatherings might be in the Spring to pray for good crops, or in the late Summer to pray in thankfulness for a good harvest, or, as in the Plains, in High Summer for a great communal buffalo hunt. These gatherings would see councils to deal with matters of concern to the nation. They would see trading and visiting. They would see courting and marriages, and they would always see celebration.

The Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO) follows this tradition by sponsoring two pow wows each year. These pow wows are held on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends each year. These special events are open to the general public.

All Donations Are Tax Deductible

The Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio is a non-profit organization. Our funding comes, primarily, from churches, organizations, and individuals who feel that our outreach is important to the community. We have a small, paid staff that is funded through various grants, which includes a grant from the ADAMH Board. We invite you to help sustain our vision through a generous gift. Our needs include gently-used clothing, canned food, and household items. Other gifts-in-kind are also welcome. Monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, and maintenance require financial support and monetary gifts are urgently requested and greatly appreciated.

NAICCO Membership

The Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio offers individual and family memberships to all interested persons.

To Apply for Membership: Request for memberships should include your name, address, and telephone number. Please be sure to indicate the level of membership desired (Level I, Level II, Level III, Family, or Newsletter only) on your request and include the appropriate fee. Requests should be sent to the following address:

NAICCO, PO Box 07705
Columbus, OH 43207

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