What a sad day. I just wanted everyone to know that we are all fine. Many things happened this week. Earlier in the week we helped a Palestinian farmer harvest olives. His land is close to a settlement. (Peni Haifer) When we got there, the IDF came and said we had to leave. We told them that the farmer had gotten permission to harvest his olives from the cilvil adm, so after a while they decided we could stay. As they were leaving, settlers shot 10 rounds of amunition at us (over our heads to scare us) so the IDF came back and said they would stay until we were done. That was a good thing. We worked like a pack of horses!! The farmer said that most of his trees had been cut down by the IDF (500-1000 fruit and olive trees) two years ago. It seems the public is tired of hearing about the Palestinian farmers getting shot at, so sometimes IDF helps to protect them, but had we not been there, he would not have been able to get in his field.