Civilized people around the world are horrified by the 9/11/01 terror attacks and want to help. Reducing purchases of oil from Middle East regimes that support terror networks is a start. Park that gas-guzzling SUV, permanently. SUV’s suck. Literally. They use more gas. They emit more C02 (carbon dioxide) per mile into the Earth’s atmosphere than do smaller cars. Are you driving one? Why? Unless you regularly have kids and dogs with you in that SUV you are using it as a commuter vehicle which is selfish. Further, the U.S. is dependent on nearly 60% imports for its fuel, much of which is produced by countries which support Islamic terror groups. Because Bill Clinton needed to win states heavy with union autoworkers such as Ohio and Michigan in the ’92 and ’96 elections, you didn’t hear much about fuel-efficiency standards during his presidency. Sport Utility Vehicles became wildly popular and the auto industry got relaxed fuel-efficiency standards for SUVs. To find out the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, check out

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