Columbus Free Press Editor Bob Fitrakis spoke at the WBAI-sponsored alternative 9-11 forum in New York City to commemorate the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Fitrakis joined Cynthia McKinney, Greg Palast, Mike Ferner, Danny Schecter and William Rivers Pitt among others at the Riverside Church. Fitrakis’ presentation, “The War on Drugs, Prelude to the War On Terror,” a topic he originally published in the Free Press Hemp Journal. His thesis is that the only reason George W. Bush is President, usurping democracy and plunging the world into war, is because of our country’s racist and authoritarian drug war which disenfranchised 31% of all black male voters in the 2000 Florida election. Look for the papers presented at the conference to be published soon by Apex Press. Parts of the forum were broadcast on WBAI and the sessions can be accessed at the WBAI website.