The Ron DeSantis led Florida Republicans are working faster than the speed of light in trying to dismantle the inner structure that have sustained Florida’s middle-class society in a liberal democracy. The team is working in almost every aspect of our society in doing so. For example:

A- Gutting public sector labor unions with the exception of those that are tied with law enforcement (pretty clever maneuver since Republicans are going to need those workers to crack the heads of other workers); now in DeSantis’ Florida majority in Labor Unions is defined as 60% of the membership. Florida is a right-to-work state, and nobody is forced to become a labor union member.

B- DeSantis has declared a war on education that includes culture wars against Black history, LGBTQ+ community, and whatever makes white people feel uncomfortable about American history, “woke” people issues, etc. African American history has been banned as an AP course.

C- Women's reproductive choice is being hit with an abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy and is almost certain to become law.

D- Attacks on LGBTQ community meant to take away their right to exist in dignity.

E- Immigration. Making it illegal even to give somebody a car ride that is an undocumented person. Imagine the trauma of people with family members that are undocumented.

F- Black community: what just happened in Tennessee is just vintage DeSantis. He would love to have members of the Black community accept a secondary status.

G- Redistricting, practically known as gerrymandering, that has provided Republican supermajorities in both chambers of the State legislature.

H- Book banning; make sure that students only have access to what’s appropriate for Republican societal control.

I - Healthcare: failure to continue the Medicaid expansion that was provided during the covid pandemic. One million more people added to be added to the 2.8 million already uninsured in the State.

J- Gun laws: Concealed carry with no license or training required.

K- Limits on the ability to carry out protests. To the point that protests could lead to penalties unthinkable in a democracy.

L- Attacks on Corporations that are practicing ESG on behalf of their clients and stockholders. This is part of the Anti-Woke effort. (ESG is a framework that helps stakeholders understand how an organization is managing risks and opportunities related to environmental, social and governance criteria “sometimes called ESG factors.”) ESG is very helpful in determining a company’s ability to adapt or survive climate change. Miami, after all, is ground zero for sea-rising levels concerns.

The point of listing all these issues is to indicate the “Full Spectrum Dominance” that DeSantis and the Republicans are planning to inflict in the people of the State of Florida. These points altogether affect the majority of people in the State of Florida. And all the points mentioned above have a good number of people actively involved in defending the rights of Florida citizens regarding these issues and that’s commendable.

But “Full Spectrum Dominance” can only be fought effectively through “Full Spectrum Resistance.” And that means all these people fighting around their particular issues need to come together as quickly as possible to present a United Front against DeSantis attempts to subjugate the people of Florida.

DeSantis together with Ted Cruz and Josh Howley are part of elite universities Libertarian Brigades that reflect this cruel philosophy which provides “rational” cover to a system of Profits over People. In the academic realm this philosophy is reflected in making illegal the use of any diversity, equity and inclusion statements as part of the hiring, promotion and tenure process.

Florida is a laboratory for Fascist deployment. The Republican Party has become a de facto vehicle for a nationwide attempt to bring Fascism into the rest of the nation. Florida together with Texas and a few other States are at the vanguard of the national Fascist program being deployed by the Republican Party. What happened in Tennessee as a result of the murder of three children and three adults at a Christian elementary school could very easily happen in Florida.

And in Florida this kind of action of expelling elected members should not be surprising at all as we have the case of Andrew Warren, the Hillsborough County State Attorney, who was fired by DeSantis because of his opposition to DeSantis position on abortion as DeSantis also fired four elected Broward County School Board members of Florida’s most Democratic County. Elections don’t mean much in Florida if Gov. DeSantis doesn’t approve of you and that together with 60% being the definition of what determines a majority for Labor Unions that DeSantis has targeted for extinction.

There is no way around it. Either we look forward to a rapid cohesion of the different forces fighting DeSantis from their particular silos or we start preparing ourselves for many years of much economic and social pain caused by the inability of Florida’s people in the blue side of the equation to grasp the moment that we are living in. Thanks God, Florida is a state not a nation because if we were a nation we will definitely have to start preparing for armed struggle.