JUSTIN LEBLANC and MICHELLE SUTTER get us going with a California bill (AB-83) aimed at keeping foreign money out of our elections.

LYNNE FEINERMAN and LEONA MORGAN describe the HAUL NO campaign against Uranium mining near the Grand Canyon.

VINNIE DE STEFANO updates us on the FREE ASSANGE campaign with a boost from DR. RUTH STRAUSS.

WENDI LEDERMAN tells us the latest about the horrific COP CITY fight in Atlanta with the fate of a major first and the civil rights of a whole city at stake.

MYLA RESON introduces us to the debate over the Chevron Deference Doctrine now facing decimation by the Supreme Court, possibly open the door to an era in which government has no ability to regulate anything.

MARY BUTLER-STONEWALL ESQ. discusses corruption at the EPA.

Then, with an introduction from MIKE HERSH, we take a deep dive into the issue of national heath care with CALCARE proponent PAUL NEWMAN, ACA Godfather JOEL SEGAL and nationally prominent campaigner DR. WILLIAM BRONSTON.  For nearly a full hour we explore the incredibly important labyrinth of public “illness management” and how it’s done better in places like Cuba.

TATANKA BRICCA, DR. NANCY NIPARKO take us out of another wonderful GREEP session.  See you again next week.