ancient trees standing
     so many leaves it seems….
     have fallen so early this year
burning trees
now fallen too
returned to the earth
preceded by millions
in other places
acres now barren
cows are grazing
where giants once stood
     normally when an animal
     takes another energy is exchanged
     understanding occurs….
respect in both directions
all those trees taken
with such little regard
strong reverberations
have returned to call
as the laws of physics
in cosmic proportions
unfolded right before
disbelieving eyes
     so many leaves fallen
     so many trees
     so many clues….
     have fallen with them
tears streaming down
in disbelief then rage as the first two trees
have been taken
whole trees in fact
with leaves still attached
taken from our own forest
by the hands of others
our own callused hands
     once rough worn smooth
     from working so hard….
     in the forests of others.

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