I was unaware that SOS did not require the precincts to have paper ballots on hand for the primary. I do not disagree with that decision, as it seems to me that it would be a pretty high cost for just a few people like me who dont trust the machines and wish to vote on paper.

When my wife and I went to the polls this morning, she asked for paper ballot and was asked the reason she was asking for it. She refused to answer and left the polling place, with the intention of returning later. She (we)did not feel that question was appropriate. I asked for paper, and gave the reason that I did not trust the machines.

I was then given a provisional ballot envelope. I informed them I did not want to vote provisionally, I wanted my vote to be counted tonight, not next week. The informed me that all paper ballots needed to go into the envelope for privacy, and that all paper ballots would be treated as provisional. I was decidedly unhappy at this point, still not realizing that SOS did not order paper ballots to be available. At this point, I decided to vote on the machine.

The obvious problem here is that a lot of people around the state may have asked for paper in the general election, and are not aware that this option is not available. If they insist on voting on paper, it becomes a provision ballot. So it is NOT a choice to a regular ballot on paper.